Trying To Get Elfy

Heads, shoulders, knees & toes!

Well, mostly heads and knees. My head and my knees. I had a delightful early trip to the doctors this week. And I have another booked in for next week and one shortly after Christmas. Wooh…

No offence to any readers that are general practitioners but you’re just below dentists on my ‘what makes me anxious’ scale. It’s not your fault you scare the crap out of me.

But anyway…

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Swapping Cars, Dentists, & Baby Birds

I may or may not have mentioned in my last blog post that my car’s MOT was due. Well, as per usual, Pretty failed it. Sad times. She didn’t fail on much, but it was the fact that she failed on rust that has encouraged me simply to get rid of her. As Howard Bear pointed out, once I start paying for one lot of rust it will just continue.

Of course, this means it’s time to get a new run around. So I should probably introduce Alba the Almera, who is getting picked up tomorrow night.

Isn’t she quite pretty? She’s got a bit of a bigger engine so she’s a bit more costly on the tax and insurance front, but she’s also a bit roomier, which might be nice for future plans.

I’m hoping I get to keep Alba for a while, if I can.

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Forgiving Zander, Parents & Planning Ahead

Holiday time! …Next week. And also a bazillion dentist appointments (I may go hide in a cupboard). It’s good timing, really. I’ve been making lots of progress with the writing of Forgiving Zander. It needs a bit of fleshing out, but the urge to steam on through is with me.

There’s also the fact that my dad’s quite ill. He’s basically been told in no uncertain terms that if he doesn’t have an operation then he could die because he has a narrowing of a heart valve. Anyway, he’s waiting for the date when that occurs and is taking medication in the meantime as well as avoiding doing anything too strenuous.

Hopefully the time off will allow me to see him a little bit more than usual.

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Sofas & Numb Faces

One of which I’m excited about and one of which I wish would wear off. I’ve had some more done at the dentist surgery today. Though, the woman says she’s not a dentist (I think she’s a hygienist or something but it still involves poking around in my mouth, injecting me in the jaw, filling my teeth and generally making me an uncomfortable, nervous wreck).

On the plus side, she tells me that I’m doing good for sitting still and tries to make it less of an ordeal or me than any of my previous dentists have. This is probably why I find it such an awful experience and spend most of my time contorting my fingers and toes whilst lying back in the chair of horror…

Not to over exaggerate or anything.

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