More Death & Impromptu Burger Dates

It’s been another one of those weeks with another couple of celebrity deaths. We seem to have a lost a lot already this year. A few of the best, too.

Alan Rickman, Victoria Wood, Ronnie Corbett, Bowie, Paul Daniels, Prince, Terry Wogan…

And the list keeps growing. They all seem to be strangely clumped together and, sadly, a lot of these seem to be due to cancer.

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Pet Death, Books Make The Best Presents, & Progress

It’s my sad duty to announce that my mum’s cat and my secret admirer, Baby, passed away last Monday (23rd November). He was about ten years old and, despite the sadness of his last few weeks, he was a wonderful cat.

Yeah, he did have an unfortunate name, but he also had brilliant hunting skills, a really annoying meow, penchant for dribbling when he was excited, and liked to demand a lot of attention. He also had three little dogs whipped right into shape.

Above is my favourite photo of him. It’s old, but it shows perfectly what a handsome, whiskered gentleman he was.

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95: [Sweet Dead Baby Doll]


I watch my baby sister from across the lawn. She has her back to me, soft breeze lilting the tips of her yellow hair. I want to creep closer, but I cannot. A shiver is tracing the contours of my spine as I worry my raw lower lip.

She sits so beautifully still.

My breath is held. My fingers tighten around the knife in my hand, blood silently trickling from where there is too much flesh pressed to the blade. It slides down into the grass causing an almost black splatter in the warm sunlight.

Mother and father are lying in the kitchen. Their throats are cut and their eyes wide with preserved screams. My hand is not shaking.

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