A Writerly Shout – Tara Maya & The Unfinished Song (Initiate)

Every now and again, I’m asked by other lovely authors or (as in this case) contacted by their hardworking promoters from their particular press company in order to showcase a new title on my little blog here. So today’s post will be a step out of my usual rambling routine in order to give you guys a look at Tara Maya thanks to Katie Earley at Misque Press.

Of course, covers first!

Initiate is free everywhere except on Barnes and Noble (where it’s $0.99). You can download a free .epub version via Smashwords.
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Take Apart The Demon, In The Attic To The Left.

Let’s see… Things that have happened. Well, my birthday night out for one, but I will talk about that after this first important bit that happened two days later.

My cat, unfortunately, died.

Obviously the above is an old photo of us together, back when I only wore glasses and had my natural hair colour (in case you were wondering). His name was Smokey and he was a beautiful cat despite his discrepancies.

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Halloween Flash Fiction: Week 2

#flashfiction #GhoulsGalore 

Below Stairs

The cellar steps reached below into consuming chthonic darkness. The air cloisters in my lungs, musty and old like stale breath.

My feet tell me I should go back, but I don’t because they are no longer master.

The darkness calls a cypher to my brain that only I can understand. Human fear is weak in me. This body is too frail and this soul too lacklustre to support me any more. A replacement is due.
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Sharp As A Knife & You Fit Like A Glove

Today, I feel pretty tired and I think my back and shoulders might be mildly sunburnt. I haven’t been into the light yet to see. In fact, I’m typing this whilst in my pyjamas. I will get out of them shortly, but I’ll finish writing this first.

It’s quite obvious that summer has hit England. We’re all complaining about it. Being British, we will happily complain about anything but our favourite thing to complain about is the weather. We hate it when it’s so hot that we can barely move and our fair skin turns red and crispy. We hate it when it’s cold and wet and our clothes are soaked through. We hate it when it’s overcast and the sky seems to be a melancholy mix of miserable. We hate it when it snows because then it is too cold and we never do get any sunlight… except, of course, we do get sunlight and then we fall to complaining about that again. It’s quite dreadful, really. We should just learn to be happy.

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