Catching Up

There has been a distinct lack of posting on this here journal and it most definitely has to stop! Why has there been a lack of posting and general openness into my life, you ask? Why haven’t I been screaming how many people have been reading my lovely WIP you cry? And just why in heaven’s name have there been various Daily Booth images of me painting?!

These questions and more will thus be answered…

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Third Vlog & A Reading From My WIP

This is my third vlog post so far. I’m hoping that it will help with getting me noticed but at the same time it’s probably nice for people to get to see who I am. I’m slowly figuring out how to edit videos and such so you may have to bear with my whilst I sort it out. I also got myself a Daily Booth account so if you want to follow me on there or subscribe to my YouTube channel, I’d really appreciate it.

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