Flash Fiction No. 14

#Flashfiction statement provided by Louise Murray via Facebook.

Friendships – when one pushes the self destruct button and the effect on the other person.

Invincible Girl took off her cape. She folded it neatly into its box and then stood preening in front of the mirror. Her eyes passed over the small shadow in the background of her reflection but she took no notice; her hair was out of place and it needed to be readjusted. She leaned closer to the glass, reapplying lip gloss to her super pout.

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Good Morning!

It’s a very strange thing indeed being a lollipop lady. Everybody always says hello to you when you’re wandering around in your uniform with your big lollipop stick. You get a lot of ‘good mornings’ from people who aren’t even crossing the road with you. It’s really lovely to see (as Shakespeare would say) the milk of human kindness.


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In Our House Made Of Paper, Your Words All Over Me

Apparently, being imaginative and creative makes me a waste of space according to my second eldest brother. Apparently, it makes me worth absolutely nothing. This was what I was told yesterday. he couldn’t have picked a better day to have a go at me. It’s nice to know that basically everything I am and everything I aspire to be is absolutely worthless. I should give him a nickname so that I can refer to him better as I have three brothers. We’ll call this one Mr God Complex…

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OverByte Coming To A Stop & Other Things

[ #OverByte ] I thought you might all like to see the two comics I provided for OverByte, an independent Game Maker magazine. The magazine has since been cancelled, but I’ll go into that after I post the two comics I created for it.

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