Character Therapy

In the office of Dr Miles Benonico, a character is reclining on his sofa. This is her third session with the prominent therapist.

Dr: You seem to mention your author quite frequently.

Jo: She leaves me with no option.

Dr: Is that how you feel?

Jo: I think anybody would feel like that if they knew for certain that their whole life was being played by a puppeteer as if it was some kind of entertainment.

Dr: You sound like you resent her.

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Flash Fiction No.11

Flash fiction statement provided by Susie Petherbridge.

The cheese rolls down the hill at midnight…

Eli pressed his face against the cold glass. The familiar scrape of metal iced his fingers. He stepped out of the taxi, slotting the weapon into his coat pocket and crushing a crisp note into the driver’s hand with a gruff, “Keep the change.” The car moved off, black tyres sluicing the slush.

Eli glanced around him as he casually turned up his collar to hide his throat from the chill and his face from unseen enemies.

He wasn’t taking any chances.

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Excerpt Three

I thought I would give you a third excerpt (a continuation of the previous two), as I haven’t posted in a while due to being busy typing up this WIP. So here’s the third excerpt. Again, I hope you enjoy reading it.

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