Meet My Main Character Blog Tour

The other day, the lovely Shonda Brock, author of Eternal Traces, tagged me in the Meet My Main Character blog tour. But it wasn’t just me that got bitten so you should check out the other authors on Shonda’s post!

Here are the rules:

The taggee must write a post answering the same seven questions about their MC (main character). Then the taggee becomes the tagger and chooses five other authors. It’s sort of like a chain letter with all the potential to become a global virus.
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A WIP Adventure

A promise is a promise.

In a previous post [Aspiring Writers Pledge], I made the vow to regularly update readers on my WIP. Or at least as regularly as I could. Let’s face it, I’ll try as hard as I can but so much goes on in this crazy head of mine that I am likely to forget at some point.

But here goes…

So far, it’s going well. I’m up to 36, 035 words and counting (because I have the file open right now and plan to continue as soon as I finish this here post).

It’s still under the temporary name of Preying On Time, but that could all change and it probably will change should I ever get it published. I’m hoping so because I’m rather enjoying writing this particular story. Would you like to hear a little about it?


Well tough. I promised I’d tell you.

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Writing Methods & Birthdays

What have writing methods got to do with birthdays?

Nothing really, but I’m going to cover both things in this post so I figured it might be a bit more explanatory to go with that as a title rather than one of my usual random statements.

But first, for a quick note, you may have noticed that I’ve jiggled the blog widgets again. I promise that I’m not doing this to confuse you all. I’ve just been trying to optimise it so you can find everything so much easier without it being terribly confusing and cluttered. I hope it’s worked.

And now for some writing chatter.

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My Own Personal Minions

I decided yesterday that I would write you all a delightful post about the strange creatures with whom I share my life. And I don’t mean my family or my boyfriend… Though, a deep analysis into Master Berserker followed by an anatomical dissection could prove amusing…

I’ll stop with the sadistic thoughts of things I’d like to do to my younger brother and, instead, move on to introducing my feline and canine friends.

And, of course, we should start with the oldest first…

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