Heads, Shoulders, Sneeze, & Nose

I’ve had one of those beautiferous things… a cold. My darling other half decided to take it upon himself to share the damn thing with me. Hence, I’ve been rather under the weather the past week.

It’s a shame because, up until then, I’d been doing fantastically on the old daily word count for Calling The Wolf. Unfortunately, getting ill scuppered that quite a bit. Still, the current mileage is 28, 099 words. That’s not far off the middle of the book!

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Seasonal This & Seasonal That

And by seasonal, I, of course, mean Christmas time!

I put my tree up yesterday. Howard Bear wasn’t massively happy, but he was glad that I waited until we were closer to December this year before I allowed the seasonal madness to take over! Of course, even without a tree up, I already had a stockpile of presents.

I’m working on being organised this year as far as giving goes.

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Flowers, Weddings, & Halloween

Nothing exciting has really happened since my last post. I wish I could say that it had. I worked a lot over the weekend. Thirty hours plus, in fact, and squeezed in attending a wedding reception amidst that, too.

Incidentally, do you like the cupcake pictured above? It’s from the wedding reception I attended. It was for one of the chefs at work, Mr Joey Cullen, and his new wife Stacey. He made it himself.

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So Much Tiredness, But Getting Words In

In case you were unaware last week, I was pretty snowed under at work. I’ve had long days and then I ended up called in on my day off, too. To say it was a hectic week for me is probably an understatement. And include into that the bi-annual performance review, too.

Hectic. Week.

Oh. And I also had a tyre valve replaced on the car and organised for her MOT next week. Keep everything crossed for me that Pretty will pass or at least not cost me too much money to have her fixed.

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