Love Letters

I put my heart in a letter the other night. This letter will probably never see its recipient. It was never meant to be posted anyway – it was just a way to help me get to sleep and stop thinking things out.

A very good friend of mine, one of the best, once told me about how writing letters to people (even if you don’t send them) can help you to deal with things. Maybe it’s because you get out the things you want to say but can’t since you don’t have to worry about what the other person will think and how they’ll react.

Some of us are trapped by thoughts of others (hence my Rabbit Hearted Girl post).

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Bring On The Holidays!

It is the end of school term next week. Anybody who has kids may groan at reading that. I won’t because, being a lollipop lady, it means some nice time off and no early mornings for a couple of weeks. I do still, however, have to finish off my second job, which was only a temporary thing anyway. So on Christmas Eve, next week, I will be doing my last shift at mail order central. I may even see about going in an hour early on the two days I have after school ends.

This also means more time for writing and blogging and doing all of those things that I have been neglecting over the past month. I’m sure you’re so very relieved to hear that I will be back to annoy you with my crazy words.

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Missing In Action

I have been for a while. This is not to say that I’ve been battling orcs and got mislaid during the bloody onslaught. It does, however, mean that I must once again apologise for slow posting due to an increase of stuff in my life.  If you follow my twitter or my facebook page, you may be aware that I now have a second job and that the lady I work with at my first job has been ill for about a fortnight. You may be wondering how the latter would affect my time regaling you with my insane tales and rather weird ideas.

Well, we work as school crossing patrol officers (that’s lollipop ladies to you and me) on an extremely busy T-junction, which is all fine and dandy when there are two of us to patrol it. With one, however, it poses more of a problem. Surely there should be a stand in, right? Someone to step in when we’re sick? A person to plug the gap when we’re holed up in bed with boxes of tissues, forced to watch that ghastly orange man (David Dickinson) flogging peoples precious possessions?

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New Gadgets To Fiddle With

Today I downloaded the beta version of the new Windows Live Messenger (msn to those of the old school variety). Normally, this probably wouldn’t be anything to do with the writing community; however, the new features and some of the new side programs are quite helpful for a writer wanting to stay in touch online.
The new features include the ability to connect with your facebook page and your twitter page. It also allows you to add in blog feeds so that anybody you are connected with on msn (depending on your privacy settings) will be able to see updates on your blog, your twitter and your facebook page. You can also have it join in with your myspace.

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