Hard To Catch

Dear regular viewers…

You may have noticed a distinct lack of posting on anything that is really just about me or a piece of flash fiction lately. For that, I have to apologise.

Those of you who know me through social media etc may be aware that I’ve been very busy of late (or at least it seems that way). There have been lots of social things to catch up on as well as an unfortunate death in the family – incidentally, if anybody wants some left shoes (size 10 and male) then please ask my cousin.

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Life is a BBQ

This last bank holiday Monday (25th) I had my first barbecue that I was (supposedly) in charge of. Needless to say, my mother took over quite a lot of it, including inviting the guests she wanted.

Now, I had experience of cooking, but no experience of cooking on a barbecue. The same goes for R, with perhaps a little less of the normal experience cooking. My mother had decided that (as the bloke) he was supposed to be in charge of the barbecue while I flit around after guests.

So you can already see exactly whose barbecue this was.

(And by that I mean, not mine.)

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Vlog Catch Up

So, I noticed a strange increase in the amount of people viewing my blog post where I’d vlogged instead. I have no idea why, but I hadn’t posted another for quite a while.

In fact, I think it’s been over a year. So I thought I’d post up another one. I hope it’s not too bad, but I know I look like a sun-scared vampire at a few points. Yes. I really am that pale.

Without further ado:

Just a catch up as I haven’t posted a vlog in a while.

If you’d prefer to watch this on the youtube page then please do: here.

This is the flash fiction link mentioned and if you want to see any more of my videos then please feel free to check out my youtube channel.

Bonfire Night Plus One

I’ve been quite busy over the past few days, hence the lack of posting. Those of you in England may have guessed why, but those of you who are not may be unaware that we were in the throes of a National Holiday. Every year, on the fifth of November we celebrate the death of some poor bloke who hated his government and was trying to blow up King James.

The day is about the death of Guido Fawkes who banded a group together and plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament, which is where our government hangs out (and the king too in those days). He didn’t have a very pleasant death. They dragged him from the Tower of London to the Old Palace Yard at Westminster (opposite the Houses of Parliament) where his co-conspirators were first put through the traditional methods of killing traitors to the crown.

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