Everything’s Changing

And I don’t feel the same. La la la…

Ahem. I’m sorry you had to walk in on that. Except I’m not. I’m feeling quite bouncy and happy and I’m sure certain people that read this will know why… but as of yet it’s still an almost secret.

But I promise, dear readers, that I’ll tell you soon. In other news… I’ve been doing a lot more photography for that band that I’ve been hanging around with.

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Challenge Complete!

As you are aware, regular readers, I was recently involved in @LadyAntimony’s Seven Days, Seven Virtues blog challenge.

This involved writing very short pieces of fiction on the seven virtues that counteract the seven sins.

There will be another challenge soon, but until then please feel free to revisit any of the past entries. You might also want to join in with the challenges.
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Trials & Tribulations

Last week I posted a piece of flash fiction early and disrupted my usual posting schedule. You may have wondered why that is. Well, I’m going to explain.

It was half term holidays, which (as a lollipop lady) I get off because there are no children to cross over the road to school. Lovely R and I had made plans to go and see a friend’s band, Lipstick Sunbeam, on the Thursday night so I’d expected to be pretty out of action on the Friday and definitely not awake/in the mood to post any flash fiction.

Thus, I posted it early and hoped you would all enjoy it as much as usual.

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