Question Time With Timony Souler

I mentioned last week that we have an extra special treat today in that the awesome Timony Souler is gracing our presence to talk about her latest book. As a close friend and a fellow author, I was particularly excited about introducing you guys to her work, too!

So here we go!
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Non-Recovery, Parties, Mentions, & Sleep

The Road So Far… is apparently not one to recovery.

Sad times, huh? I write this whilst suffering a second cold that stole in off the back of a migraine so, as you can imagine, I’m feeling totally great… not. My throat is starting to hurt again, my glands are swollen, and my nose just will not stop blocking up.

Of course, having a stuffy head on top of a two day migraine was exactly what I needed. And thus, two days off were spent either sleeping or feeling sorry for myself. And the day after that was Salem’s birthday.

That’s right, my old boy turned fourteen this past week.
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Bad Wolf, Coming To The End & The Future

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

What? Oh no, sorry. We aren’t actually talking about Doctor Who. Shame really because I liked that Bad Wolf thing. No. We’re actually talking about the killer in Baying For Blood.

I’ll let you decide whether you think I mean Logan or someone else.

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