Trench Note

Still haven’t got my hours for this extra job yet. This is why I’d rather keep a job I already have whilst I get a new one on top. That way if anything goes wrong I’m not left dangling with no money etc.

I feel sorry for the guy in charge, really I do. He seems to be so run off his feet and by the sounds of it, not all his staff are reliable. Plus, he has more than one place of business.

It’s okay, though, because I know I have some hours, now, this weekend. It’ll be interesting.

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Flash Fiction No. 76


Translucent Solids

Brick crushing bone is what she’d expected the first time. The second time she’d punched harder, twisting on her heel and landing in a scrabbled heap on the corrugate carpeted floor, knuckles untouched.

No blood. No pain. No graze.

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Those of you on twitter may have noticed that I disappeared after posting last Friday’s piece of flash fiction, Cinders, and didn’t return until some time on Sunday. Saturday was a planned disappearance but Friday was not.

Things kicked off once more in our household on Friday night. Regular readers may already know what’s coming. Those who don’t, well…

My brother, Master Berserker, started a huge argument…

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Just Get It Written

Those are the words that are constantly repeated at me by my parents. They seem to think that writing a novel is easy and that once I do I will be immediately snapped up by a publishing house and suddenly become rich and famous. All of my efforts to correct them on this matter seem to fade into nothingness in their brains.

Of course, this usually stems from discussions wherein I’m told I don’t have a job because they don’t consider it a job or well paid enough. And that discussion usually stems from being asked to clean up a mess that either Master Berserker or Blindy McBlindBlind have made. And why doesn’t Master Berserker have to help around the house or clean up?

Apparently it’s because he has a real job and is out at work.

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