We Are Your Daughters, Sisters, & Mothers

This past few days has seen women march in almost every country on the planet. These marches were barely even days after President Trump’s inauguration. And yes, I understand that I am from the same stupid country that voted for Brexit, but I still didn’t believe that the American people would want this man as their president.

I am aware, of course, that he did not win the popular vote, which gladdens me to a degree. Even so, it was still a close margin and still culminated in the same sticky end.

I lent my voice on twitter, stating my support of the women marching. I did not march, but not because I wouldn’t have.

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Trying To Get Elfy

Heads, shoulders, knees & toes!

Well, mostly heads and knees. My head and my knees. I had a delightful early trip to the doctors this week. And I have another booked in for next week and one shortly after Christmas. Wooh…

No offence to any readers that are general practitioners but you’re just below dentists on my ‘what makes me anxious’ scale. It’s not your fault you scare the crap out of me.

But anyway…

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Blood Pressure, Stress, & Presents

Normally, I would have provided a blog update much sooner, but I had another migraine. I had a rather rushed week trying to fit what appears to have been too much into my days off. Of course, the combination of that and air pressure pushed my blood pressure unpleasantly upwards.

Unfortunately, it’s also created a combination of other stresses. I’d been scheduled for very few hours the week before and this last week, which means that with two days off through illness I’ll be paid even less than I was going to be. Normally, I might have asked to put some hours of holiday pay through to help me out (I usually have quite a bit of holiday saved up& I don’t use it very often), but apparently we’re not allowed to do that any more.

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