Post Apocalyptic, Zombie, Romance Release – Delivering Hope (Survival, #3)


If you want to know why you should buy Delivering Hope then check out the first three chapters for free here:

Knotweed City Limits
Long & Winding Road

The book has been released in both ebook and paperback. And, just to make it easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of those places that you can buy it below.

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Release Of Zombie & Dystopian Fantasy Forgiving Zander!

It’s finally here!

Forgiving Zander is released today after an exciting wait. It shouldn’t be quite as long until the next instalment in the Survival Trilogy, either. Much anticipated, I hope that the new book will answer a few questions as well as tie up a few loose ends whilst continuing the story we began in Breaking Cadence.

In fact, in honour of the new release, the ebook version of Breaking Cadence has been reduced in price to help out those who haven’t started the series from the beginning but have been intrigued by the chapters I was posting of Forgiving Zander this week.

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Swapsies, Piggies, & Third Anniversaries

As you may or may not know, today is my third anniversary of being with Howard Bear. I still love him to absolute bits and I’m assured that he feels the same. So if you’re wondering why I have been slightly absent yesterday and today then that’s why.

As you can see from the picture above, we went out yesterday in order to celebrate being together by spending time alone on a day out.

And where did we go?

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