Busy Like A Bee

I’ve been so busy, lately, it’s unbelievable. I’m back at work and we’ve had quite a busy start there, too, which makes me feel all the more guilty that, at some point in the near future, I will be leaving.

That isn’t to say that I haven’t loved it there, but the house we’re in the process of buying is somewhat far away. It would mean that it wouldn’t be worth it to remain there.

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Plants, Parents, Books, & Facelifts

It’s been a busy week. As you guys know, my MOT was due on my car. Sadly, it failed, but it only failed on one thing and it only had one advisory, both of which are being sorted today (huzzah!), which means my lovely Alba will have a clean bill of health. After all, she’s getting driven an awful lot more than she was before, now.

She also took me through to see my parents on Sunday (and drop Mr Bear off at his mother’s so he could help them move furniture). It’s nice actually having a day on a weekend where I can see my other half and family who all have regular working weeks. It also meant I got to go to the garden centre with my parents where I bought some pretty heathers amongst other things.

Mum also got me a fairy door as you may be able to see above.

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Paperback Release, Days Together, & Nights Out

Over the last few days, with Forgiving Zander complete, I’ve been trying to figure out whether to go ahead and write its sequel or begin the next two books for my Indigo Skies series instead. My original plan was to go on with Delivering Hope.

Fans have made me aware that they would like to read the next instalments of Indigo Skies, but I think it would be wise to follow my original plan and, therefore, complete the Survival Trilogy outright. I was also advised by the lovely Gayla Drummond that, as Forgiving Zander ends on a cliff hanger of sorts, it would be better to wrap up the trilogy than to leave my lovely readers hanging.

The Survival Trilogy: Part II…

On another note, the first book is now available in paperback!

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Swapping Cars, Dentists, & Baby Birds

I may or may not have mentioned in my last blog post that my car’s MOT was due. Well, as per usual, Pretty failed it. Sad times. She didn’t fail on much, but it was the fact that she failed on rust that has encouraged me simply to get rid of her. As Howard Bear pointed out, once I start paying for one lot of rust it will just continue.

Of course, this means it’s time to get a new run around. So I should probably introduce Alba the Almera, who is getting picked up tomorrow night.

Isn’t she quite pretty? She’s got a bit of a bigger engine so she’s a bit more costly on the tax and insurance front, but she’s also a bit roomier, which might be nice for future plans.

I’m hoping I get to keep Alba for a while, if I can.

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