Horror Movie Survival Kit–[Top Ten Items]

I had an email recently from the cool guys behind ManCrates. They’re a gift service that specializes in crates for men that contain awesome gifts. The idea is that you have to open them with a crowbar to get into the goodies inside. Pretty cool in my opinion.

In fact, screw men. I want a crate I have to jemmy with a crowbar. Why should fellas have all the fun?

Although, to be fair, it would probably take me forever to open it, even with a big hunk of metal to help. I could, however, get Howard Bear to wrench it open for me, which might be useful when it comes to the subject of today’s post….
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Here I Am, A Rabbit Hearted Girl

I wish people were braver than they are. It seems to me that, these days, nobody stands up for who or what they love. They just hide it all away in the background and carry on doing what everyone else wants them to do.

Why do people do that?

I know I used to be one of the culprits for this kind of behaviour. Hell, sometimes I still am, but I like to think that I’m a lot braver and a lot stronger than I used to be. I won’t say it was easy making the change, because it wasn’t.

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Flash Fiction No. 52


For Better, For Worse…

She spliced open the stitches, reopening the wound with the hefty blade. Blood slithered over her skin, dripping from her arm like thick, red rain. Breath hissed between her teeth. She needed to get it out.

The blade dug deeper into her flesh, twisting as it tried to reach the implant. There was no other way to do it. Her teeth ground together, ignoring the hot tears that stung her eyes. She was a supernatural. She was stronger than that.

There it was.

Excruciating pain snaked through her arm as she pried the implant loose from her bloody flesh, the stench of her own flesh filling her nostrils. It chinked to the floor. She watched it roll away as her body collapsed against the building wall.

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Guest Interview

@Scath, better known as G L Drummond, agreed to give an interview about her next science fiction release. This is a precursor to the blog tour she’s embarking on in order to promote her new title. Here she talks about her influences on writing, her inspiration and the reasons why you should get hold of Code Walker


An Interview With G L Drummond

What’s your name and where do you come from?

G L Drummond
Gayla Drummond, writing as G. L. Drummond. I hail from the planet Ork…wait, that’s not it. I’m a hybrid from Katarr…sort of. Oh, all right, I’m from Planet Texas. Yes, I do say y’all a lot.

And are you here for the free cape or the free sunglasses?

G L Drummond
If the sunglasses are Xray, they’re my choice.  Wait. Is the cape like an Invisibility cloak? Because that would be cool.

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