Forming Thoughts

As you know, I’m nearing the end of my current WIP, Preying on Time, and I’ve been dithering over writing the ending. This is not because I don’t know what happens in the end or because I’ve suddenly found that I dislike the story immensely.

The truth is that I slow down for endings. I’m not willing to simply get on and write them usually because it means the end of one novel and the beginning if something new.

And I always have new ideas floating around to be written.

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Mission: Normalisation

You can probably gather that, for little over a month now, I have been dreadfully busy. This is mostly due to the renovation of Master Berserker’s room, friends coming home from university for the summer and dating. I pretty much haven’t written at all and have spent very little time on my own.

So you can imagine my confusion on days when I have nothing to do… How on earth did I used to occupy my time?

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Sharp As A Knife & You Fit Like A Glove

Today, I feel pretty tired and I think my back and shoulders might be mildly sunburnt. I haven’t been into the light yet to see. In fact, I’m typing this whilst in my pyjamas. I will get out of them shortly, but I’ll finish writing this first.

It’s quite obvious that summer has hit England. We’re all complaining about it. Being British, we will happily complain about anything but our favourite thing to complain about is the weather. We hate it when it’s so hot that we can barely move and our fair skin turns red and crispy. We hate it when it’s cold and wet and our clothes are soaked through. We hate it when it’s overcast and the sky seems to be a melancholy mix of miserable. We hate it when it snows because then it is too cold and we never do get any sunlight… except, of course, we do get sunlight and then we fall to complaining about that again. It’s quite dreadful, really. We should just learn to be happy.

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I, Who Loved The Sparks.

Tonight, one of my favourite programmes is on and it is the penultimate episode. I’m quite excited. I’m also finding it relatively hard to concentrate on what I’m writing at the moment. Some people might say it’s writer’s block. I know it isn’t (but it did give me the opportunity to post one of my favourite Cyanide & Happiness comic pieces). It’s more that I’m distracting myself. Occasionally I get very scatty and end up staring into space, which means I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. It usually involves circular thoughts, as well, about situations I cannot change for whatever reason. It’s these circular thoughts that kept me awake until about four this morning. It may be the reason why I am feeling so distracted today.

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