Flash Fiction No.4 …Sort Of.

This piece of flash fiction is actually a short story a friend (Louise Murray) asked me to write for her Beltane festival piece. It’s just over the 1000 word margin hence the flash fiction 1000 tag, but I hope you enjoy it.

Ephemeral Elemental Echoes 

Rain shimmered in the air, weeping down over the grey bay. The tide rolled and burst over the melancholy sands, whipped into a furore by the angry wind. Rocks cowed beneath the pressure of the rabid spray, flayed to sand by the water’s temper. All about the bay howled with the wind’s derision as it crashed against the thunderous power of the sea. Rain skittered over rocks and paths, frantic grasses and crumbling headlands. Gulls screeched, clamouring for warmth and safety from the battle.

The sound of war had rattled on for three days, now.

Then, with a final sweep of defiance, the wind dropped.

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Flash Fiction No.3

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The root echo lusts…

It felt good being human again.
The girl in the cafe flexed her fingers around the fork she was holding. The girl wasn’t strong but she would do until Echo could change bodies. Maybe an older model would suit her better. She looked across at the girl’s father and smiled sweetly. He didn’t notice. He just kept on eating his pie with its thick crust of glutinous death attached. Echo didn’t have that problem. Her eyes glittered and she sliced at the girl’s meagre helping of fruit sundae. The raspberries burst in her mouth like ripened orgasms of juice. It dripped over her lips and she sucked it in slowly.

Flash Fiction No.2

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I’m standing in a world of immortality. Everyone else is dead.

The sky rippled red thunder and golden lightning. Shadows speared and stabbed the rocky land. Nothing moved. Dust smeared the rocks like paint. The body lay in the middle of the sand, untouched by the grainy wind except for a few dark curls that wriggled around her head. She lay there without breathing. Cracks of thunder burned the blazing sky.

Everything on the planet was dead but the wind.

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Flash Fiction No.1

Flash fiction statement was provided by Andrew McCluskey (NALGames).

I’ve woken up in a nature reserve with half a packet of breath mints in my duffel coat pocket…

His eyes felt sticky. Was this what a rusty hinge felt like? He cranked open his eyes and peered around. This wasn’t good. His neck felt stiff. It was no wonder considering that he had spent the late November night sleeping on the hard ground. Wild flowers that had been caught in the frost brushed his cheek. He laid there and stared up at the sky, certain that nobody could see him through the long grasses and the brambles. The nature reserve hummed with peaceful life.
His was not a peaceful life.