Challenge Complete!

As you are aware, regular readers, I was recently involved in @LadyAntimony’s Seven Days, Seven Virtues blog challenge.

This involved writing very short pieces of fiction on the seven virtues that counteract the seven sins.

There will be another challenge soon, but until then please feel free to revisit any of the past entries. You might also want to join in with the challenges.
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Virtuous Flash Fiction: Humility

Seven days…
Seven saintly virtues…


“It was me,” she lied, not daring to look back.

His face hardened and he rolled up his sleeves. The muscles in his arms flexed, pythons beneath his skin.
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Virtuous Flash Fiction: Kindness

Seven days…
Seven saintly virtues…


It was the sweetest.

The poison drained from his body, filling her veins and curling through her velvet heart. Colour returned to his face, but her lashes remained shut.

She backed onto her heels, the venom unfurling in her brain. Her breath held, lips tingling.
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Virtuous Flash Fiction: Patience

Seven days…
Seven saintly virtues…


As he took the bullet, centuries passed before his eyes.

His body thumped against the steps, the blood of innocents collecting on the rock from his pouring veins. She kept running.

His sacrifice bled out unnoticed.
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