Still Snowing…

So, still having car problems – joy of joys. It seems like an electrical fault from somebody messing with the wiring. Which is great…

And this is a picture I took of current weather conditions:

And the electrical fault with my car? Yep, the blowers are not circulating any heat or directing it at the windscreen. And in this weather that means I have ice on the inside of the windscreen and am frozen by the time I reach work…

Not to mention that the screen and side windows start freezing up.
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#12Masque #Flashfiction

Well, this is part of the lovely @charitygirlblog’s #12Masque flash fiction contest that I was invited to.

I haven’t written in a while due to unfortunate working conditions and busyness so I really hope you enjoy this piece and that it is vaguely up to standard for you.

I will obviously write you another life update as soon as I possibly can but until then I hope you enjoy this little piece of fiction that I put together for you. I hope you can guess what tale I based it off and that it at least amuses you for a short while.

Thanks guys.
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