Valentine’s Release: Preorder Alpha Consummation Now

That’s right, it’s time to preorder Alpha Consummation ready for its Valentine’s Day release.

Release Day

That’s right, release day for Alpha Consummation is Valentine’s Day (Monday 14th February 2022). That’s less than a week from today, so if you want to preorder Alpha Consummation you need to do it as soon as possible.

Preorder Alpha Consummation

Unfortunately, preorder is not available on paperback copies, but those will be released on Monday, too.


“Your boss said I wasn’t to be touched,” I whisper, searching. “If you killed that other guy then I’ll… I’ll tell them you were just doing your job, but you don’t have to…”

My breath hitches. Unbidden heat is clenching my thighs.

His hands are hot. Scalding. They brush my cool skin tantalisingly as they loosen one button & then another, baring sensitive flesh to the chilly air.

“You’ll get into trouble,” I murmur, but the warning seems quiet & insincere on my own tongue.

Old flames burn the brightest in the dark…

Georgina is on the trail of her troubled brother, but memories of the previous year still taunt her dreams. Trying to make it as a lone werewolf is harder than she’d thought possible. Especially with the claim of her former lover hanging over her & the contempt of male werewolves everywhere.

Will she finally prove them wrong once & for all?

Book Three of the Alpha Wolf series.

Other Books In The Series

If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, Alpha Domination and Alpha Submission, you can grab those already and get stuck in before you preorder Alpha Consummation. Buy links and preorder links are set up on the books’ respective pages.

Alpha Domination is the exciting beginning of the series, taking place in Washington. After the thrilling climax of the first book, Alpha Submission moves us through the hotter states in a rescue bid that introduces new and compelling characters.

Until we finally bring Georgina back home to the UK…

So preorder Alpha Consummation now to find out how it all ends.

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