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Chapter One: Bathroom Break

“Do you think I’m fucking dumb?!”

I swallow beneath the cowboy’s grip, my feet only just touching the sticky floor of the ladies’ bathroom. Part of me wishes I was still in that hotbox of a pickup with its broken air conditioner and its stupid American drive. That I’d never got out of the car into this dive bar. And that I’m not in sodding, hell hot Texas. My sweaty fingers can’t even grip the big brute’s wrist as he squeezes.

His nose twitches and I see his pupils darken beneath his pointless sunglasses and his stupid cowboy hat. His arm lowers a fraction. Suddenly, he’s questioning whether he wants to kill me and I know my scent is wrapping around his brain.

I wet my lips as best as I can. How the hell didn’t he smell that I was a female werewolf before now? Then again, by the looks of that squashed snout, he’s had his nose busted up really good a few times before today. Probably, from what I’m learning, before he was turned.

His ginger moustache bristles. He spits to a side, some of it catching on the denim vest he’s wearing. “Answer the question, squirrel. Ain’t nobody gonna believe you boosted it, so where is he?”

“I don’t–”

“Nathaniel Alexander!” the man snarls. “I’d recognise that shitty pickup anywhere. He thinks he can send a fucking bitch in to distract me?! Me?!”

I choke, tears leaking out of my eyes. The nasty stench of the guy’s sweaty bollocks is rising from his trousers making it doubly hard to breathe. “He,” I splutter. “He isn’t here.”

“Don’t lie to me!” the cowboy screams shaking me like a doll.

I suck in as much air as I can, wishing somebody, anybody would come in the damn bathroom and help me. “Not lying,” I choke. “Nathan…” I squeeze down a breath, colours starting to dance before my eyes. “Not… He’s… Some hunters…”

“Hunters?” the guy repeats, quieter. His moustache bristles and he lowers me to the floor, his grip loosening a little. He’s still holding me up by the throat, though, which is almost a relief because my knees are ready to give way. “They took Nathaniel out?”

I gasp, my breath catching horribly.

The bastard shakes me, his voice urgent. “Nathaniel? They took Nathaniel out?!”

My eyes loll in my head. The cowboy lets go and I collapse to the floor. I clutch at my neck, wheezing hard with every breath. Rolling onto my side, I steal a quick glance at the cowboy. He looks disconcerted by the idea that Nathan might have been killed by hunters.

And I don’t mean the kind that shoot deer.

My thoughts flit to the last time I saw Nathan, the look of hurt on his face and then anger… Two months have passed since that day. Two long months since he kissed me.

And I didn’t even get to tell him how I felt. I’d ran after him in the snow… And I found the pickup empty… his keys dropped… blood on the path…

Washington and our time together feel like a world away…

Judging by my welcome, the cowboy has met my missing lover before. It seems Nathan left a dent in the guy’s ego whenever he passed through this godforsaken place. I pull myself into a sitting position, trying hard not to analyse why the floor is sticky.

“Who were the hunters?” the cowboy asks. His tone is more subdued. Apparently, he’s wary of anybody that might have managed to get the upper hand on Nathan. He must have left an impression.

“AJD,” I rasp. “They were working for someone called AJD.”

I shift to my feet, surreptitiously dialling Hattie on my smartwatch and muting her side of the call as I get up. I pray she picks up as quickly as usual and somehow finds me some help.

“Nathan didn’t send me. He’s not here.” The brute narrows his eyes on me. I release a choked, exasperated sigh. “Why would I lie to you? I just came in to get a drink. I don’t even know who you are.”

“Big Terrence,” he growls. “And I don’t know who you are, either, bitch.”

I grit my teeth. I’ve met two or three other werewolves, all bad encounters, since Nathan went missing and all of them have referred to me this way. It’s beginning to piss me off, but, even though I know my supernatural strength is slowly increasing, I know I’m not a match for ‘Big Terrence’.

“Nathaniel sired you, huh?”

I swallow. Nathan found me, naked and unconscious, in the snow. He’d thought I was there to attack him, but I’d had no idea I’d been turned. I’d thought he was some kind of psycho that liked locking women up in his basement. My first thought was that he was going to torture and rape me.

Not that I’d end up falling for him…


He narrows his eyes.

“I’m Anna’s sister,” I lie, hoping to god that Anna’s real sister is listening to our conversation and finding some way to help me out of this place.

“You don’t smell like Anna,” the brute grunts. “But I can smell his claim on you.”

My jaw drops slightly. None of the other werewolves I’ve had the misfortune of bumping into have said that. Heat rises up my neck. I don’t know whether it pleases or irritates me that I smell like Nathan has claimed me. Especially when I have no idea what the fuck it means.

“Look,” I try in my most reasonable voice, which is difficult with my windpipe still burning. “This was a misunderstanding. Now you know he’s not here, we can just be two patrons at a bar. All I came in for was a drink.”

Cowboy lets his gaze wash down over me. His eyes linger on my short shorts and stop almost completely at the perspiration dripping between my breasts visible through my low-cut top. I grit my teeth, regretting trying to wear something, anything, that could cool me down in that suffocatingly hot car.

“Imma thinkin’ I’m gonna have myself a drink.”

I raise my eyebrows hopefully.

“A drink o’ some wolf bitch for my troubles.”

I dodge the paw reaching for my throat, but not the kick that takes out my ankles. Before I can even sprawl on the floor, cowboy has me lifted by my neck, again, and is pushing me into a stall. The cistern makes a scraping noise as he shoves me towards it, standing me on the closed lid of the toilet.

At this height, we’re face to face. His nostrils are flaring, taking in the scent of me. A scent that I’ve had described to me, by now, in various ways by various wolves, but it all seems to boil down to a similar definition: like a bitch in heat. Cowboy’s eyes darken, driven the same way all the other bastards are driven. He yanks at my shorts, Neanderthal brain aiming straight for it.

I aim for his crotch with a kick, but he blocks me, smashing my head back against the wall and dislodging the top of the cistern. My hair dips in the water. Big Terrence flips me, pushing my face down in the liquid and thrusting me forward so he can jam his fly up against my backside whilst he does battle royal with the tight button on my denim shorts. I struggle against him, fighting and drowning at the same time.

Something crashes behind us and then the pressure at my rear disappears with the hold on my throat. I gasp and splutter, lifting my face out of the water. Cowboy is sulking on the floor, on his back, in the middle of the bathroom, his hands raised. A gun is directed at his chest. The shooter glances at me.

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