Alpha Submission Cover Reveal

Book 2 of the Alpha Wolf Series

Alpha Submission: Georgina is back…

What?! There’s Finally A Sequel?!

Yep. You betcha.

When I started writing Alpha Domination it was one of those things where I’d woken up one day with an idea and scribbled it down never expecting it to go anywhere. It turns out, it went somewhere pretty exciting.

I loved writing Domination, but I never really planned it to have a sequel, until I got to the last pages.

Alpha Domination Paperback Look

If I’m honest, I never really planned it to have anything at all. The story just ran away with itself as I wrote it, which is partly what made it so exciting. Georgina and Nathaniel are some of my favourite characters that I’ve ever written.

And now, Georgina is back.

What’s The Story With Alpha Submission?

As you know, Alpha Domination ends on a little bit of a cliff hanger. Alpha Submission picks up a few months after that…

Texas is the one place she never expected the temperature to plummet…

Georgina won’t give up without a fight. She’s vowed to rescue her werewolf lover no matter the danger, but when she finds him are the flames between them still burning strong or has captivity turned him to another?

And what other secrets will she discover…?

Book Two of the Alpha Wolf series.

Alpha Submission

Alpha Submission Cover Reveal

So here it finally is, the cover for Alpha Submission:

Do you love it as much as I do? I hope so!

And There’s A Release Date, Too!

Obviously, I know you’ve all been excited to find out what happens, so I’ll let you into a little secret…

The release date is Wednesday 30th June 2021!

It’s already submitted for preorder in your favourite online stores so it should pop up in the next few hours or so. And the paperback will be released around the 30th June 2021, too!

Do you love it as much as I do? I hope so!

Don’t Forget To Keep Clicking Back!

Keep checking the blog, because I will release a few sneak peek chapters on here in the lead up. But other than that…

Stay safe. And happy reading!

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