Light At The End Of The Tunnel

“There’s a light in the darkness of everybody’s life…”

It’s all change over here, once more, and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it than a few lines from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“Flow Morphia slow let the sun and light come streaming into my
Into my life….”

Whistle While You Work

As regular readers will know, the start of lockdown hit all my plans for this year hard (our wedding, my new job, etc), but some life is returning to normal. We’ve rearranged our wedding day and I had a phone call from the job I’d been moving to before lockdown.

They were reopening and needed an extra body starting the next day. So I’ve pretty much been working since, which is great for my bank balance – not so great for my writing. BUT… Right now, I really need to get back onto a level pegging with my finances and if that means my writing has to suffer, then, unfortunately, that’s what has to happen.

I’ve been lucky that Mr Bear has been able to mostly support us both throughout the whole quarantine period. It’s unfair of me to rely solely on him, though.

Writing Progress

Alpha Submission has been coming along a treat. Obviously, that progress is now taking a little bit of a backseat whilst I get more on balance with my finances. I hope you can forgive me that.

I am over the halfway mark, though, with the Indigo Skies sequel, Through The Veil, not far behind. Despite my pace slowing, I’m determined to get you these sequels in the near future.

As soon as I have dates, you will be the first to be informed.


Figaro and Ember are doing well. They’re both much bigger and becoming more adventurous than ever. We’re even starting to let them explore outside, but under supervision, of course.

And, as per my last post, it has become much more obvious that Ember is indeed a boy. On the one hand, we’re a little sad that we hadn’t added a girl to take charge of our boys. On the other, he’s a lovely little cuddle monster and he’s growing up to be almost the spitting image of Salem. Though, I think he will be much bigger than Salem ever was once he’s fully grown.

DIY Progress

As far as DIY goes, we’ve made a start on a project I’m going to refer to as ‘The Veranda’ at the bottom of the back garden. It’s pretty much a half open tunnel section that will house our blackberry, grapevine, everlasting sweet-pea, lilac vine, and winter flowering jasmine. So far, it looks really good.

We’ve also started decorating our respective offices a little bit, as I also mentioned in my last post. Mr Bear’s office now has a wall in white brick wallpaper and he intends to paint the other walls a sort of olive green colour. I’d already wallpapered a few of the walls in my office, but we started on the window wall today with some more expensive, damask paper in red and gold.

Once my room is finished, I will, of course, show you all. Though, it may be some time before my woodland mural is begun.

Happy Birthday To My Parents

My parents (rather annoyingly) have their birthdays quite close together. It’s that time of year again, but it’s also a special year for one of them.

My mum turned 64 just over a week ago and my dad turns 70 on Thursday. So I just wanted to wish them both happy birthday on here before I get to see them in person tomorrow.

Au Revoir!

And on that noteā€¦.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay reading.

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