Writing Room Revolution & Other Things

There have been a lot of changes in my house, lately. Not least my writing room revolution, but we’ll get to that in a minute…

Current Word Count

Those of you who check back here often will know that I am writing two sequels simultaneously. There’s the sixth instalment in the Indigo Skies series, Through The Veil, and the second book in the Alpha Wolf series, Alpha Submission.

So far, I’m up to 50% on both books (that isn’t counting editing), which is quite pleasing. It’s also one of the few things I have to thank corona virus for. As well as my writing room revolution, but more on that later.

The books are both going well. I’m hoping to publish at least one of them this year. I’m not yet sure which one, though, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled.

With things being so up in the air thanks to the pandemic, it makes it much harder to plot out book releases. For example, I’d hate to say that one of them was going to be released on a set date and then find that I get a new job that pushes my production level down.

Still, if you really can’t wait to read more, you should keep checking out my facebook fan page and my twitter account to catch any WIP lines I post.

Kitten Progress

I’m sure you’re dying to hear about how the kittens are progressing. I mentioned them in my previous post. They’re doing really well, is the answer to that. They’re also much bigger than they were and much more interested in having a cuddle.

Our only qualm is that we’re not entirely sure Ember is a girl, any more. But I’m sure we’ll find out once we get to take her to the vets for the first time. Until then, we’ll use female pronouns.

TBR Pile

Ah, yes, the to be read pile…

I mentioned in my previous post that I’d been working through my TBR pile. So far, I’m part way through the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance. It’s pretty good and it’s introducing me to some authors whose work I haven’t read before.

I plan to keep working through the pile, so I’ll keep you up to date with where I am. If you have any other fantasy books to recommend to me, please do.

Writing Room Revolution

If you follow my facebook fan page, you might already be aware of my writing room revolution. I’m trying to transform it from its bland self into a place where I really can feel creative.

Below is a facebook live video I did to highlight what it looked like before:

Posted by Dark Fantasy Author Rebecca Clare Smith on Tuesday, 7 July 2020

The writing room revolution has already begun. I’ll do another video once it’s complete, but here’s a little gallery of photos from progress so far:

I still need to order wallpaper for the wall with the window. It’s going to be a distressed red and gold damask. The aim is to make the room look like it’s part of a building in the woods where one of the walls has crumbled away to reveal said woods. The fake ivy is also to make it seem like the plants are starting to grow in.

Mental Health In Trying Times – You Are Not Alone

I remember there being a hashtag – #MyWANA I believe – that was for authors as a sort of community thing. Pretty sure the WANA bit stood for We Are Not Alone. It’s been years since I used the hashtag, to be honest.

But, lately, I’ve been feeling a bit isolated, for obvious reasons.

I don’t know who made this picture, but hell if I don’t relate.

I’m lucky that I have Mr Bear to support me. A lot of people don’t, though. So this is just a shout out to check in on people who might just need another human being to check in on them.

After all, they might feel like climbing a tree and screaming.


And on that note….

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay reading.

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