Top 10 Things On My Writing Desk

Who’s ready for the Top 10 Things On My Writing Desk? Yup, that’s right. It’s that time again. The time where I bring you such gems as the Top 10 Places Not To Read A Book or Top 10 Things To Drink (Whilst Writing).

Top 10 Things On My Writing Desk

However, this week’s Top 10 Things On My Writing Desk does not include my laptop. That’s mostly because my laptop (it being the place where I create things such as this blog post) would obviously be number one and so that would make this little list less exciting. And so…


Top 10 Things On My Writing Desk

No. 10 : Cheesy Wotsits/French Fries

Jasper loves Wotsits

– Other brands of crisps are available, but these are the two I like to have hanging around my desk. Cheesy Wotsits are great, despite the fact you end up looking like you’ve had intimate relations with an Oompa Loompa. And I’m not the only one in our house that likes the taste of them.

If I have some, I have to share a tiny bit with Jasper everytime.

Thankfully, he’s not so keen on plain French Fries, though. But what dark fantasy author wouldn’t like French Fries? Don’t lie to me and tell me you haven’t used them to pretend you’re a vampire once in a while.

No. 9 : Screen Duster

– I have a screen duster for the laptop that we’re not including in our Top 10 Things On My Writing Desk. It’s pretty essential for bright days when my screen has attracted far more dust and cat hair than I wish it had.

Top 10 Things On My Writing Desk

Barley, in particular, sheds like it’s going out of fashion. You can tell when he’s been perched anywhere.

My screen duster also has a fluffier side, which is pretty helpful for getting in between keyboard keys, too, without catching them and writing something like this: asdfghjkl.

No. 8 : Chocolate Raisins

– Another edible item. I promise that I don’t just eat at my desk. I do get on with some work, too. It’s just that chocolate raisins are so moreish. Plus, they’re sort of healthy. Right…?

I mean, they have shrivelled fruit inside. And chocolate is from a plant. And at least I didn’t include popping candy chocolate. I’m grasping at straws here.

Moving on…

No. 7 : Notepads

Top 10 Things On My Writing Desk

– PSA: Notepads are not just for doodles.

The notepads on my desk are usually where I get to jot ideas I’ve had for further on whatever book I’m writing before I forget them. I’m not a pantser or even specifically a plotter, but sometimes I have little revelations whilst I’m typing about motivations or things my characters are going to do/say that I hadn’t known before.

I mean, most of the time my characters are just writing themselves so it’s great to be able to remember the perfect thing for the scene up ahead if they’ve hinted at it beforehand. Otherwise, I get to the scene and it’s all gone.

Not so with my trusty notepads! Which is exactly why they’re here on my Top 10 Things On My Writing Desk.

No. 6 : Emery Boards

– Emery boards/nail files/whatever you want to call them are a pretty essential piece of my desk paraphernalia. They’re there for me when I have a hang nail or break one into a jagged age so I don’t end up accidentally stabbing myself. They also help stop me from biting my nails, which is a habit I’ve found tremendously difficult to break over the years.

Buuuuuuuut, it’s also useful for when certain naughty kitties are about. Jasper has a thing for emery boards and so do his two new kitten friends.

That means that if I keep a stash on my desk and they’re being distracting, I get them to notice the emery board and then throw it for them. They immediately chase after it and I’m left with my writing sanity.

No. 5 : Pens

– It’s not exactly difficult to figure out why pens would be on my Top 10 Things On My Writing Desk. Especially after I’ve cited notepads at number seven.

I do rather love pens, though. Sometimes, when I’m sad, I like to go buy stationary. Top of the list is a nice, smooth, liquid ink ball point. Not that I’m specific in my pen needs, at all….

No. 4 : Plants

– No desk is complete without some plants. I have two pretty bergenias that Mr Bear bought for me one birthday. They have variegated leaves with red veins. He thought they looked a bit like some of my book covers and that they would be a great addition to my writing room.

But indoor plants are more than that. They take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, which helps to make stuffy indoor spaces more breathable. So a nice desk plant is great for helping you think. Not to mention, it looks good, too.

No. 3 : Drink

– I’ve mentioned the Top 10 Things To Drink (Whilst Writing) before, so, of course a drink was going to make it on to my Top 10 Things On My Writing Desk. If you want to check out my recommendations please go ahead.

No. 2 : Incense Sticks

– I write fantasy, obviously. Sometimes, that means I need a different scent to help kick off my writing mood. Olfactory (smell) senses are the strongest to evoke memories. That’s why you should use them in your writing, too, as they’re more evocative.

I tend to like to use sage or patchouli incense sticks when I’m writing, but I have plenty of others. Including, but not limited to lavender, frangipani, jasmine, and vanilla.

No. 1 : Bluetooth Speaker

– I bet you didn’t see that one coming as my number one on this list. If you did, then give yourself an obligatory pat on the back.

Yet another Christmas present from Mr Bear, my bluetooth speaker is one of my favourite things in my whole house, to be honest. Even when it’s not on my desk, it’s great for my music. I could just use the speakers in my laptop, but the sound quality is much better from my little portable speaker.

Furthermore, there are certain tracks/albums that put me in the right mindset for certain series of books. My little speaker, therefore, is key to getting myself in the zone for writing the sequels to Alpha Domination or Taste Of Blood.

In Conclusion

– Good sound is underrated and an essential writing desk item. I would highly recommend a good sound system when you’re getting into it.

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