I’m Gonna Build Castles From The Rubble

I know that’s not quite how the lyric ends, but there you go. After my last personal post, I bet you were hoping for some more positive news from me. Well, I got some more miserable news of my own, but I’m going to try to be upbeat and proactive.


Somewhere between my last unscheduled post and what would have been my wedding day, I received news that I was being made redundant from my new job and would no longer be getting paid by them. I’m now on job seekers, which is a dramatic cut in my wage, but there’s nothing I can do. I can’t even look for another day job because my line of work is in hospitality.

So, yeah. We’re dealing with that now, as well.

The Wedding Day That Was Not

We were supposed to get married this past weekend. It was supposed to be the best day of our lives. Instead, I felt empty and hollow. It was as if we’d lost something physical, not just a day in our lives.

I tried to put a brave face on it, but Mr Bear was possibly the lowest I’ve ever seen him and there was nothing that could alleviate that. I don’t think he’d really let it hit him until the day we were supposed to be wed. Still… we had a lovely three course meal from a local restaurant with candles and music.

Sometimes, you just have to make the best of things.


As you all know by now, my beloved Salem passed away at the beginning of lockdown. I’m still incredibly sad that I won’t get to see him again. Occasionally, I see a dark jumper or something left in the place where he used to sit and mistake it for him.

We said that we would get two kittens. One black and one black and white. They would be an homage to Salem’s memory and because people seem not to want to adopt black or black and white cats. While we would have loved to adopt an older cat, our two boys would be very unlikely to deal well with that.

However, we were put in touch with a lovely lady whose cat had given birth to a small cluster of beautiful black and white kittens. Fingers crossed, we will be picking up our two new fur babies on Monday. With any luck, one of them will want to play as much as Jasper does, so Barley can finally laze about without trouble.

Of course, we have names picked out already. They will be called Figaro Felice and Ember Eclipse. I will keep you all posted when we collect them with cute kitten pictures.


With so much negativity (apart from the kittens), it’s been hard to get on with things and feel positive. However, I’ve started the sequel to Alpha Domination and I’m continuing with Through The Veil (the next Indigo Skies novel).

I’ve also created a few nifty little graphics to try to boost my writing to new readers. After all, a little bit more money from my books would be really welcome right about now. And I know plenty of people have more time to read. So if you have any friends that you think might like my work, please do share it with them. Now, more than ever, I really need all the support I can get from you guys.

And on that note…

Stay inside. Stay safe. And happy reading.

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