How Long Has This Been Going On…?

My last post was quite tough to write. I had a lot to take in and a lot of grief that needed some space to exist. I’m hoping this post will be a bit more positive.

Wedding Alterations

Writing progress has been rather slow. That’s not because I don’t want to write or that I don’t have any ideas. It’s not even writer’s block, per se. I’ve just been finding it difficult to sit in my writing room lately, which is mostly because it’s filled to the brim with everything for the wedding that was supposed to be only a month away.

Of course, that’s now a year away. Not only have we had to postpone our garden ceremony, but we were contacted by East Riding Registry Services. They’ve advised us that we cannot get married in May and so have helped us to postpone.

I’m not mad with them. In fact, I made sure that I told whoever was answering emails that day that we appreciate them. The lady/gentleman/person wrote back to say how much our words meant to him/her/them and that they would pass our sentiments on to colleagues as they were having to work on their own, each day, to answer thousands of sad emails regarding cancelling and/or postponing wedding plans. It must be hard to be spreading sadness in a job where you usually deal with the best days of people’s lives.

In any case, my next steps are to start resorting suppliers etc for the day and creating some new invitations to send to people.

Garden Therapy & Income Issues

Normally, I would be doing even more gardening than I’m currently doing. Covid-19, however, had other ideas. Most of the garden centres nearby, including my new place of employment, are closed. Therefore, I can’t get the things I was hoping to get to sort the rest of the garden. It’s also cut off our supply of cheap, sturdy timber that we needed to finish gardening projects.

Not to mention that, whilst I have been furloughed, that income is not definite. It seems that the government is only funding the furlough of people who were already employed by companies before the 28th February. And that’s fab for those people, but my new employment commenced after that. And, funnily enough, so did this state of lockdown. So, you’ll excuse me if I don’t really understand why there is a gap in eligibility for furloughing.

That means that the company I’ve started employment with have agreed to furlough me, but they are doing so out of their own pocket. They have also stated that the situation will be reassessed at the end of this month.

Basically, my perfectly bad timing to do anything this year has put me in an unexpectedly bad position. So I implore you to please share the hell out of my books & content to try to help me stay afloat.

We also still haven’t received the invoice for Salem’s euthanasia. They did, however, send a really lovely, handwritten sympathy card.

Blog Post Plans

Nobody knows when quarantine will end. It’s like we’re in a prequel to Breaking Cadence. I hope we’re not.

I have plans, however, to try to allay the boredom for you. I’m going to schedule some blog posts today. I figure that if I give you guys something to read and to look forward to every couple of days it will help to break up the monotony. I know, for example, that some of the only reasons we’re getting through this is because we’re looking forward to the next episodes of BBC Holby City and BBC Gardener’s World.

They’re not major events, usually, but they’re pretty much the only things that are helping us to define which day is which. Especially after we’ve already blown through Netflix’s The Tiger King.

So, keep your eyes peeled on my social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) for when I get the posts published. I plan to mention other authors and new books and little games to help keep you busy for a bit.

Until Then…

Stay inside. Stay safe. And happy reading.

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  1. hi Rebecca. I understand. In these times, with so much to worry about, it can be difficult to think straight or be in the right frame of mind for writing. But don’t fret, because your muse will come back soon.

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