Christmas 2018 Engagement & New Year Changes

This post is set to go out shortly after we let our parents know our special news…

Christmas 2018

Christmas is a time for loving and giving. And for Christmas 2018, I was given the loveliest gift. My partner asked me to marry him on Christmas morning.

My engagement ring is two amethyst hearts with some small diamonds & a combination of silver & white gold.

He’d snuck a beautiful ring into a glass bauble and proposed to me after we’d opened all of our other presents.

As excited as I’ve been to be able to share this news with you all, we wanted to let our parents know (all together) first. So, we’re telling them tonight about our engagement. They’re gathered together under the pretence of us simply celebrating Howard Bear‘s 31st birthday.

Of course, I love him and wish him the happiest birthday. And this announcement isn’t to undermine that – though, he hates attention for birthdays anyway! And he doesn’t much fancy the attention for our engagement, either.

So here’s letting you all know that after nearly seven years together, we are announcing our engagement.

Happy New Year

To celebrate our new year & engagement, we’ve continued our work on our house. After a wonderful Christmas, we’re trying to further improve our home, starting with the hallway.

We might even have written a little message to remind us in the future…

We’re hoping to continue these improvements, though our engagement means we’ll have to start squirrelling some money away for a future wonderful day.

I have plans to complete another full length Indigo Skies novel this year, too. Of course, I will have mentioned Through The Veil before. If time allows, I’m hoping to get both Through The Veil and Gravest Of Souls written this year.

It’s been a busy start to the year and I’m sure it will only get busier. But check back to see how the announcement of our engagement went. Until then…

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