Top 10 Things To Drink (Whilst Writing)

It’s that time of week again and I just know you’re excited by today’s Top 10, my Top 10 Things To Drink (Whilst Writing)! So sit back and relax whilst I drink them down. Maybe you could even join me for a couple of glasses!

Are you ready…?

Top 10 Things To Drink (Whilst Writing)
No. 10 : Water

– We’re starting with the least exciting (but possibly the most beneficial) drink in this week’s Top 10 Things To Drink (Whilst Writing). Water is the base of all drinks. It’s great because it hydrates your brain, allowing you to process thoughts better, which is why kids taking exams are encouraged to have a bottle of water by their sides.

It’s also a pretty great reason for writers to drink water whilst they’re working. I must admit that I do get an awful lot more done with a few pints of ice cold water at my side. Why not try it? Or you could see what else is lurking in my Top 10 Things To Drink (Whilst Writing). I mean, we’ve only checked out one so far….

No. 9 : Energy Drinks &/Or Espresso

– I’m not a fan of energy drinks. Or, for that matter, espresso. They’re both on the list, though, because some writers need a pick me up after a long day doing everything but writing. And then they have a niche at night where they can scribble without interruption.

The only problem is, you’re usually knackered when that niche comes by, so an energy drink or an espresso might give you just that bit more energy to espresso yourself (see what I did there?) before bed.

Of course, if you have a heart problem or diabetes, this one might be slightly more problematic. Moving on…

No. 8 : Coffee

– More caffeine!

But, again, I’m not exactly a fan of coffee. My body doesn’t take too well to huge amounts of caffeine, though, which is why it’s not high on my Top 10 Things To Drink (Whilst Writing), but it might be high on yours.

No. 7 : Beer Or Wine

– Now we’re talking. The two staples of the alcoholic beverage world had to be on the list, right? My only problem is that they are the most basic of drinks you think of when it comes to alcohol.

They’re good in the sense that they help you relax and perhaps stress a little less when you’re writing, but they’re not exactly exciting. Then again, we’re not really into the realms of exciting drinks, yet, on this top ten.

No. 6 : A Good Cuppa Rosy Lea (Tea)

– I know… But it had to go on there. I don’t function in a day without at least one cup of tea. It doesn’t even contain a lot of caffeine. In fact, tea leaves contain more caffeine than coffee, but very little of this transfers to your drink when it’s brewing.


There’s also the fact that I’m a very British writer. I complain about the weather (rain or shine) and I’m fussy about people who don’t know how to queue properly. So, tea is just up there with the godliest of drinks. And I think it marks a turning point in our Top 10 Things To Drink (Whilst Writing)…

No. 5 : Suave Cocktail

– There are different types of cocktails. Suave cocktails are more grown up than my usual tipple. They’re the James Bond of cocktails. I imagine that thriller writers and authors of noir are the real connoisseurs of these drinks among which I include martinis, mojitos, tom collins, and long island iced teas.

These are the drinks of the sophisticated writer. Writers of the nitty gritty and dark drama. And also anybody wanting to pretend that they’re a spy rifling through their enemies writing desk. Not that anyone would do that… Not me…

No. 4 : Fruit Juice And Mocktails

– You’re going to tell me that we’re back to the non-exciting beverages of the Top 10 Things To Drink (Whilst Writing), but I think fruit juice is quite exciting. And I’m enjoying it even more that places are starting to sell mocktails.

Write drunk; edit sober.
A Peter De Vries quote often misattributed to Ernest Hemmingway.

Obviously, mocktails aren’t as good as cocktails, but, and this is the most important thing, they help you to keep a clearer head if you’re one of the people whose stories go to mush when they’re drunk.

No. 3 : Fruity Cocktail With An Umbrella

– We’ve had suave cocktails and even mocktails on the Top 10 Things To Drink (Whilst Writing), but we haven’t had fruity cocktails. Even better if they have one of those tiny little umbrellas in. And maybe some fruit and a sparkler, too, if you have a butler that can bring it up to you on a silver platter amidst your writing throes.

I don’t. So it’s just your average fruity cocktail occasionally with an umbrella or a straw. But I can dream.

Maybe one day I’ll be working on my latest novel with a cocktail that has all the trimmings and has been served in a coconut to boot…

No. 2 : Baileys And/Or Whisky/Whiskey

– I’m not very hard core when it comes to whisky or whiskey. Scottish or Irish, Irish or Scottish… I’m still probably only going to drink Baileys with ice. I think it’s the drink of gothic romantics. At least, as far as writers are concerned.

I imagine vampires partake in a lot of Baileys, too.

No. 1 : Blood Of Your Enemies

– Or cranberry juice. I once told a school friend that that was what I’d given her when she exclaimed that the cranberry juice had helped her to start breathing better after drinking it.

I’m sad to say that I hadn’t really slaughtered and crushed up my enemies into a delicious repast using their blood to wash it down. It sounds fun, though. Not that I’m condoning murder.

And if you don’t fancy drinking blood, maybe you should stick to the cranberry juice too. Cranberries are the berries highest in anti-oxidants (which is why my friend felt so much better after drinking some) and that helps you to think clearer and generally feel healthier. So if you want to really get on with your writing work and don’t want to resort to alcohol or water, maybe you should grab a glass of cranberry.

You can pretend your enemies have bled for you. Hell, drink it from a skull, too, if you really want to get the vibe.

In Conclusion

– If you’re looking for a great beverage to ease your thirst whilst honing your craft or typing out your next novel, then the Top 10 Things To Drink (Whilst Writing) has a selection of really good libations you can try. But, by far the best thing to do, is drink a pitcher of imaginary blood (cranberry) to truly help you ‘engage brain’.

Until next time…

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