Last Month’s Castle Wedding


I may have mentioned… Ha ha. I know I mentioned that one of my best friends, the lovely and talented Susie, was getting married and had honoured me with the request of being one of her bridesmaids. Well, last month, on the 24th March, she finally made an honest man of her new husband, Jon.

It was an amazing day. Her months of stressing and planning culminated in something beautiful and utterly unforgettable. I’m so proud of her. And I’m so happy that she didn’t turn the sword they used to cut the cake on any of their guests (especially as our table was pretty close).


It also meant that I got to see our other long term friend for the first time in far too long as she was also a bridesmaid. In fact, it was just an amazing weekend to be able to share such a special event and see all of them in the same room at the same time.

FB_IMG_1522152684802 IMG_20180325_213521_563

It was also lovely that our respective partners got to meet each other (mostly for moral support in dealing with the three of us together at the same time).

It was just a wonderful day. Not to mention a day filled with love from pretty much all four corners of the wonderful venue (Rockingham Castle).

FB_IMG_1522152703850 FB_IMG_1522152645986 IMG_20180325_214659_108 IMG_20180325_213114_643

Hopefully, it won’t take until the next wedding before the three of us can get together again. Despite how difficult it is with being spread across the whole country!

And here’s the inevitable photo of me and Mr Bear:


Susie also had an amazing photographer. Her name’s Lizzie AKA ShootItMommaPhotography and you should totally check her out. She wasn’t just there to take photos. Her spirit and energy (and words of wisdom) helped even out some possibly wobbly moments in the day.

Here’s one of her’s and her instagram:

And of course, one last one from her facebook page:

Lastly, I have to thank Susie and Jon for letting us be a part of their rather wonderful day and wish them well for their loving future together!


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