2018 – Not A Good Start

Ah, the new year. It’s supposed to be a time of fresh starts, but this year already seems determined to kick me in the teeth. Why exactly?

I have no idea.

Perhaps I did something wrong in 2017 and the gods feel I have to atone for it. Thanks gods. Remind me again exactly what it is I did so I don’t do it again?

Car Troubles

As ever, one of my troubles this new year is my car. I love my car. I really do, but she’s unfortunately too much of a money pit for me to keep her, which truly saddens me. The problem that I had with the spring was fixed, but we discovered another problem that just isn’t viable to solve.

Also, it was Howard Bear's 30th birthday. Happy birthday, Bear!
Also, it was Howard Bear‘s 30th birthday. Happy birthday, Bear!

Basically, I’m going to end up getting a new car. Well, a new second hand car. I don’t foresee a future where I will be able to buy a brand new car from a show room.

Oh well.

Of course, this is money we don’t currently have. Most especially as we were planning on replacing Mr Bear‘s car before this even came to light. Which brings me to…

Laptop Troubles

My laptop hinge has snapped off. There’s a piece of sharp metal sticking up where the hinge should be and my screen is subsequently fragile and lopsided. I can see the wires that lead into the monitor.

My hair was finally lopped off, too. Thanks to HeadQuarters in Driffield.
My hair was finally lopped off, too. Thanks to HeadQuarters in Driffield.

It doesn’t exactly promote a good novel writing situation. So, I’m typing to you on this broken thing with it very carefully propped up. I’m squirrelling as much money away as I can for this repair, too. Because, unfortunately, my need for a car to get me to my day job is sadly greater than my need for a new laptop.

Money makes the world go around…

General Money Troubles

Of course, all these expenses mean that I’ve been putting off other stuff such as shoes and a hotel for one of my best friend’s weddings, work shoes (because mine have a whopping great hole in the toe), new clothes for work, and other necessities. It’s pretty rubbish.

I got paid today and half of my earnings have already gone out to rectify just a fraction of these things, whilst the rest is safe in my bank account for when we find suitable new cars. More home improvements are going to have to wait until these things are fixed.

Furry Ball of Trouble

A less upsetting trouble is our new addition, Jasper Jingles. He is rather adorable. So, I’m going to splatter tonnes of pictures of him below.

Are you ready?

IMG_20171228_183250_249 IMG_20171229_204653_996 IMG_20171230_130415_960 IMG_20180102_140850_454 IMG_20180110_204940_319 IMG_20180111_092340_670

Isn’t he so cute?

Writing/Editing Progress Troubles

With all that, if you honestly think I’ve been able to find enough time to edit, then… I’m really sorry. I haven’t.


Maybe the next month will change that. I am, after all, still hoping for a spring release for Taste Of Blood. Hopefully, you’re all still excited to see the continuation of Violet Eonsen’s tale and where time will lead her in this particular adventure.

I’m only sorry it’s taken so long since my last release.

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