Christmas 2017!!!

Merry Christmas to all!

I apologise for being so absent the last couple of weeks. As with many of you, this time of year is particularly busy for me. And even those periods that I thought were going to be less busy have somehow become occupied.

Obviously, my day job has been really hectic as everybody rushes out to buy their Christmas gifts and, inevitably, stops to have a coffee or some lunch on their way. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a boost of money for me that I needed. But it has meant that I’ve not had as much time as others might have to prepare for the holiday season.


We’ve finished our DIY project as far as we could before we ran out of paint. It seems our walls, which took centuries to fill and sand smooth, also drink in paint faster than anything. The colour is fab, though. Not to mention, the extra paint we need is simply for a second coat to make sure everything looks less blotchy.


I’m just glad we managed to get it sorted for Christmas. After Christmas, we’ll probably try to finish the room off with a mirror and new, laminate flooring. It means we achieved our goal in terms of getting it ready for Christmas, anyway. I can’t wait until it’s totally done, but things take time.


Boxing Day is going to be a day of family coming over, which will be nice. Or at least, it will be nice on the surface. It’s been a little stressful sorting it out.

Plus, I swapped a shift to help somebody out so now I’m working both days this Christmas weekend, which wouldn’t have been too bad, but…. Well, we’ve been looking to add a fifth, furrier member to our little family: another kitten. It’s been hard to find a kitten at this time of year, but, with a little help, we’ve done it.

He’s eight weeks old this weekend, which is the earliest age to come home with us. In honour of that, we are thinking of calling him Jasper Jingles. I mean, we have a Barley Biscuit, so why not?

Barley has no idea he's getting a new friend...
Barley has no idea he’s getting a new friend…

The spanner in the works, however, is that my car broke yesterday morning as I was heading to work. It seems a spring has snapped and unravelled itself into my wheel arch. We’re hoping that’s all the damage done, but we can’t be sure. What it does mean is that the car is currently immovable.

However, I’m fortunate to have a loving and helpful partner in Mr Bear. As such, he’s helped to source a mobile mechanic. That means, fingers crossed, by the end of the day he might just have fixed my issue. If not, we’re going to have to make some serious manoeuvring this next week in order for me to get to work and for us to get the new kitten on Saturday night.

So yeah, merry Christmas to us….


Keep your fingers crossed that the Christmas stress abates and that my car gets fixed. And all of my Christmas love and warmth to you and your family from me and mine!

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  1. Haha, merry Christmas! It’s a bit crazy for my family as well 😉 but I just wanted to say, as an American, it’s so cool to see your different t British way of celebrating! I’ve never heard of Boxing Day before.

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