My Top 10 Writing Potions I Wish I Had

It’s Halloween week and, as such, I thought this week’s top 10 should be My Top 10 Writing Potions I Wish I Had. In fact, if you meet any witches this Halloween that could whip me one up, let me know!

My Top 10 Writing Potions I Wish I Had
No. 10 : Magic Money Spinner

– Ah, now this is number 10 on the list, not because I wouldn’t like to make an insane amount of money from my books, but because that isn’t what’s important to me. However, a magic money spinner spell would mean that I could spend an awful lot more time writing and promoting my books without having to worry about affording to live. Unfortunately, money makes the world go around, which is why this made number 10 on my Top 10 Writing Potions I Wish I Had.

No. 9 : Chair Comfort

– Who doesn’t need a comfy chair? I do! I do! The problem is that, no matter how comfortable my chair is, there comes a point in time where it no longer feels comfortable. I shift and I fidget, but nope. There’s no way to stop it.

Misha isn't too sure on his chair either
Misha isn’t too sure on his chair either

Which is why I think there should be a potion that makes you comfortable no matter what. If you’ve been sitting there for hours slaving away on your manuscript, you should still be able to feel good. Right?

No. 8 : Correct Spelling & Grammar

– The correct spelling & grammar potion isn’t very high on the┬áTop 10 Writing Potions I Wish I Had list at number 9. It’s an extremely useful potion, but not one I usually need.

Still, the fact that it would be great when checking up on what I’ve already written has definitely got it in this list.

No. 7 : Interview Confidence

– When it comes to author interviews and vlogs, I could do with a little help. Just like Felix Felicis, I think a little luck in this department wouldn’t go amiss. A bit of a boost is always good. Plus, it might mean that my vlogs had less video that ended up on the cutting room floor.


Less ummm…. errr….. yeah…. Pauses.

No. 6 : Plot Hole Fixer

– Again, this isn’t something that needs to be very high on the Top 10 Writing Potions I Wish I Had chart. Plot holes don’t occur terribly often in my writing, but, if they do, this would be incredibly helpful. It would save me days and days agonising over the changes I’d have to make and how to implement them to ensure the story made more sense.

No. 5 : Streamline Inspiration

– Ah, for those inevitable times when you really want to write, but you can’t. That’s right. The brain juices have dried up and all those fantastic ideas you had just won’t come, yet your hand is itching and itching to tappa tappa tappa on your keyboard or scribble in your notepad.


What do you do? You take your streamlined inspiration potion and suddenly all those great ideas are back and you’re writing away. Wooh!

No. 4 : Editing Queen (or King)

– Ah, editing. Editing and I have a love hate relationship depending on how badly I deem I’ve written the piece I’m looking at. I think a lot of other authors and writers get this particular feeling.


Sometimes, it would be great if that editing patch was quick and painless. Say, if you could take a potion that helped you to edit your work so that it was so much better than before without feeling like it might be eating your soul at the same time…

No. 3 : Free Writing

– I’m not saying that I want anyone else to write for free for me or anything of that nature. I was thinking more along the lines of witchcraft and wizardry. Perhaps even like the quick quotes quill from a certain boy wizard series.

Howard Bear modelling our pumpkins
Howard Bear modelling our pumpkins

I think that would be amazing. Especially as there are times when I can’t get my thoughts from my brain to my hands fast enough. Except, it wouldn’t be done by hands or pen. You could take the potion and your story specific words would appear on the page. It would be great.

No. 2 : Double Speed

– Rocking in at number 2 on the Top 10 Writing Potions I Wish I Had list is double speed. Sometimes, I wish my writing speed was a little bit faster. That way I could cram more writing in around real life. I think a good slug of this potion would help that.

Double speed would have helped us carve these, too!
Double speed would have helped us carve these, too!

It would also enable me to get a new book out quicker than ever. And, let’s face it, the quicker I can get a book written means the more ideas I can convert to novel form.

No. 1 : Pitch Perfect Promo

– Ah, finally. We’ve arrived at the number 1 on my list. That’s right, I’d love a potion for pitch perfect promos. There are so many different websites and blogs online telling you what to do to promote your new book, but why can’t I just have a potion instead?

New Indigo Skies Images

I imagine it would be gold in colour. You’d take a sip and start with the taste of honey that would morph into golden syrup and then nectar. Mmmm…. Because, yes, it would be that good to me.

A perfect promo means a perfectly great start to any book release. And I crave it! Don’t you?

┬áThat’s All Folks

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 Writing Potions I Wish I Had. If you can think of any of your own then please let me know.

Rebecca Clare Smith dressed up as a witch
Me dressed up as a witch

And let me see your Halloween costumes! If you have any photos, post them in the comments below. I’d love to see your spooky outfits!

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