It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster this month.

I went from opening a JSA claim to employed to quitting to being interviewed to having a trial shift. And all of that within three weeks.

Highs & Lows

A new high is being told that your CV is so ‘impressive’ that they ‘don’t need to interview you’. A new low is hating your new job on your first day and quitting four days later. I’d like to quickly point out that I’ve never done that before. And I honestly did feel truly awful doing it.


The job wasn’t what the advert had led me to believe. It involved cooking large meals for staff and I am simply not trained to do that. And if I was, I’d be expecting to get more an hour than the job gave. That fact alone made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. In the advert the mention of food was ‘prep’ and nothing more. Prep isn’t making a whole meal… but we won’t get into it. There were other factors regarding it, too, but I’d rather keep quiet on them here.

This was the best part of that week.
This was the best part of that week.

I’ve thought on it and stressed myself about it too much. Life is too short. And that’s why I quit. Because there was no point in getting too deep into a job that was making me so incredibly unhappy and uncomfortable. Work takes up a sizeable enough chunk of our lives. Having that chunk spoiling and poisoning the rest of your life is not healthy.


So on we go to interviewing…

I’ve had two interviews. One with the council, which, as ever for an employer that prides itself on responding to applications and providing interview feedback, hasn’t bothered to get in touch with me. I’m assuming that means they don’t want me. The other interview, however, has proved more fruitful. They asked me back for a trial shift.

Interview chic & also my new author picture.
Interview chic & also my new author picture.

I’m more positive about this one because my experience is so very relative to the job I’d be doing. Not to mention, it’s literally five minutes from my home in the car. That means late shifts wouldn’t feel so late and long ones wouldn’t have that added however long traipsing back to collapse on the sofa.

Less time travelled equals more time for me.

Christmas Centres!

Our year of vigorous gardening is coming to a close. But all that means is that our favourite garden centres are getting stocked up for Christmas.

I know, I know… it’s not even Halloween, yet.


Our area is not big on Halloween, though. I’m informed by the neighbours that we don’t get any trick or treaters, either, so even decorating the house would be silly. Oh well… I’ll sit back and pretend I’m not disappointed, but it won’t convince anyone.

On the other hand, the fact that it’s not really gardening season any more means that we can start concentrating on decorating the house. I have so many plans about what I’d like to do. The only room that I’m really not sure about is my writing room. I really want it to be something fantastical, but it’s deciding what exactly or how. If you have any ideas, please feel free to leave them in the comments for me.

Indigo Skies Cover Revamp

Those of you who follow me on social media might also be aware that I’ve been heavily invested, lately, in revamping my Indigo Skies series book covers. I do still love the old ones, but I feel a change may boost interest in the series.

IMG_20170917_234058 IMG_20170919_231308_614

Of course, whilst still searching for a day job, money is a little tight. As such, I’ve decided to create the covers myself. However, I won’t be revealing them today. So, if you do want to get a sneak peek, please feel free to check out the hints on my instagram etc.

Poetry Release

On the other hand, I will be sharing the paperback cover for my latest release. A Compilation Of Soul Speak was a spur of the moment release. It contains pages of poetry that I have written over the years. I hope that those of you who do decide to buy it will enjoy it.

As a small collection, I’ve priced it as cheaply as the marketplaces will allow. So please be supportive and grab a copy – it would make my week!

Do you like the cover?


It’s comprised of photographs that I’ve taken myself. I even put the whole thing together, which, after over six hours work just trying to get the PDF accepted, I feel inordinately proud of.

Back To The Writing Desk

And now it’s back to the writing desk for me. I have a couple of extra projects lined up beside my next Indigo Skies book, Taste Of Blood, but you can track those with the wordcount meter I have on the website. It should be going up!

And I will be revealing the new covers very soon so keep your eyes peeled! Until next time…

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