Birthdays All Over The Place

It’s been one of those weeks where we’ve had lots of birthday celebrations amongst other bits and pieces happening. But, of course, there’s two weeks of news to cover! That’s because last week saw the start of my new top ten serial of blog posts!

So, if you missed it, check out my top ten things to use as a bookmark before you go onto the rest of this week’s post…

Birthday No.1

Howard Bear‘s brother turned another year older this week. In usual style, we went for a family meal at a lovely little pub called the Comus Inn at Cambleforth.

It was quite small, but the portion sizes certainly weren’t. And that, again, completely contradicted the tiny price. If you’re in the area, I would give it a go. Not to mention that the pub is supposedly haunted!

A ghostly mist one August evening near our home...
A ghostly mist one August evening near our home…

Sadly there were no paranormal hijinks whilst we were there, though. What a thing that would have been to report on!

Birthday No.2

Of course, the second birthday of the week to report on was my mother’s 61st. As a birthday gift, I baked her a cake and washed her dogs. I’m not sure Casper & Lennon appreciated their baths as much as my mum did, though.

Barley helped his mummy bake a cake for her mummy.
Barley helped his mummy bake a cake for her mummy.
A tasty Victoria sponge!
A tasty Victoria sponge!

Unfortunately, she can’t do it herself at the minute due to recovering from her knee operation. Similarly, she’s struggling to weed her garden and so, in an effort to keep my dad from accidentally pulling out her plants, I drove over last week, too, to do a spot of gardening for her.


As you all must know, by now, we’re going gardening mad.

And The Madness Continues…

By candlelight.


As a housewarming present, we were gifted a fire pit to go with our new collection of outdoor lanterns. That means we can spend even more time outside. At least, until the evenings really start drawing in and getting cold.

Job Searching

The job search is still on going. I’m applying to plenty of places, but an awful lot of them don’t seem to reply, which is really dispiriting. So, you’ll forgive me if I don’t expand much on this section.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We went back to Yorkshire Wildlife Park to see some of the animals and I got some great pictures. Feast your eyes!

IMG_20170902_231554_253 IMG_20170823_100900_721 IMG_20170822_140554_740 IMG_20170904_223528_871

A New Book Idea

I woke up with a new book idea the other day and I’m really excited about it. I think it’ll be something similar to my¬†Survival¬†trilogy – a dystopian with romantic undertones.

The first book in the completed Survival Trilogy
The first book in the completed Survival Trilogy

Of course, we’ll have to see how it turns out.

Let me know what you’re getting up to and your thoughts on today’s post. And feel free to ask any questions on my latest book idea!

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