My Top 10 Things To Use As A Bookmark

Top 10 Things To Use As A Bookmark

That’s right, I’m doing a Top 10 Things To Use As A Bookmark post and you can’t stop me! I’ve only really done one other top ten post, which was on request, but I thought it would be quite fun to do a few more. This is the first in what will be a series of top ten and top five posts.

So here we go…

Top 10 Things To Use As A Bookmark

(Or, top ten things I’ve used as a bookmark….)

No.1 : An actual bookmark

– I have two leather bookmarks. Obviously, their purpose in life is to mark books. They are, in essence, bookmarks. This is their job. And a mighty fine job they do, too.

I have a brown one and a purple one. Both are printed with the names of the places where I got them from. I’ve had one several years and the other only a few, but you can’t tell that one is older than the other.

A lovely bookmark from my dear friend <a href=

So, if you want a really good bookmark? Buy an actual bookmark. They work a treat.

No.2 : Another book

– Why not? Obviously, this doesn’t really work if you use a much bigger book inside a smaller book. It has to be the smaller book inside a bigger book. I mean, nobody’s that stupid, right?


No. 3 : A pen

– Ah, my stationary best friend. Of course, this idea is much better if you keep the lid on the pen. Otherwise, your favourite tome might just end up blotchy and unreadable. Nobody wants that. Sacrilege.


There are drawbacks to this method of page demarcation, however. Pens aren’t exactly flat – unless they’re those weird charity ones you get in envelopes. This means they have a tendency to curve your books.

Now, I’m not saying curves are bad, but maybe curved books are.

No. 4 : Mobile phone

– Likewise, mobile phones can cause a curvature to your book, but that’s not the real concern here, is it? How can you bookstagram or tweet me when your phone is cooped up between pages?

A bookstagram of Preying On Time by the lovely @ayreadbooks
A bookstagram of Preying On Time by the lovely @ayreadbooks

Not to mention certain Samsung disasters that could have your latest read smouldering due to a little bit more than a passionate romance. What I’m saying is, you’ve already been warned if your novel sets on fire.

No.5 : Letters

– Ah, letters… Most important documents that come through the post? Stick them in your book. Nestle them between those pages where a knight might choose to loosen himself from the fantasy realm and duel your gas bill.

Or maybe not. But it’s worth a try. Right?

The key is that you won’t forget it’s there, because obviously you’re going to go back to that novel. I mean, how else are you supposed to find out what happens in the story? Wikipedia?

Actually…… But, of course, that’s less fun than really reading it.

No.6 : Dust covers

– Not all books have dust covers, but the ones that do can come in handy if you really can’t grab your mobile or such in time to prop open a couple of pages.

It also stops your pages from becoming dusty should you somehow forget to read on.

No.7 : A cat

– Have you never tried to use your feline companion as a bookmark before? They sit so still beside us that, as a temporary solution, I’ve often used my cats as bookmarks.

Mr Barley is not impressed
Mr Barley is not impressed

Do they care? No. And if they want to move they do anyway, which is why this particular bookmark idea isn’t exactly high up on the Top 10 Things To Use As A Bookmark list.

No.8 : Money

– Not notes. Who has tones of notes hanging around to use as bookmarks? But just in case you do, please feel free to send a few my way.

No. Pennies. A nice clinking stash of pennies.

That’s what you can squeeze between those beauteous slithers of inscribed wood. They’ll hold your page, but they’re not so easy to see out of the top of the book when you’re ready to delve back in. And they might tip out of the bottom, but who doesn’t want an unexpected windfall?

No.9 : Hair accessories

– These can be hair bands, bobbles, scrunchies, grips… It doesn’t matter. They all work, though some better than others. They also help tuck your hair whilst you’re reading. Put it up whilst you gorge on pages and let it all down to hide the tears when you come to those terrible, terrible words:

The End.

No.10 : Chocolate wrappers

– Of course, this one doesn’t really work if the wrapper has chocolate on it. You have to get that wrapper nice and clean before you can deposit it within a tome. I think that’s a good excuse to lick that wrapper clean and is one of the reasons why it’s in my Top 10 Things To Use As A Bookmark.

My books are also pretty good as Christmas presents!
My books are also pretty good as presents!

And any wrapper really will do. You don’t have to set your standard with one particular type chocolate deliciousness. You could even use a wrapper from a granola bar, but I don’t see as much fun in that method.

Do you?

Any Better Ideas?

So which are your favourite Top 10 Things To Use As A Bookmark? Do you have any real bookmarks you can show off with different designs? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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