Hot To The Touch

Our first week in our new house has been one involving lots of groundwork (literally) and being burnt to bits. It’s been ridiculously sunny and hot here. My poor ginger Bear has had to cower in the shade/drown himself in a veritable vat of sun cream in order to stay his lovely pale self.

I, on the other hand, have had my back burnt to a crisp. McCoys are planning to release me as their next speciality flavour.

I haven’t written for a little while, but I have ideas for two new series and, of course, plenty of ideas for the continuation of the Indigo Skies series. The only problem is that we have tonnes to do at home. Plus, I need to find a new day job, albeit a part time one instead.


After all, Bear and I have agreed that would be best in order for me to be able to concentrate more on my writing career. I even have a new writing room, which you can see live footage from online!

The cats are just about used to the property now. Salem was happy from the start and is comfortable going in and out. Although, he has stayed inside more over the last two days simply due to the heat. We really do feel like we’re on holiday at the minute in regards to the weather. It’s been so very warm and getting warmer since the day we moved in!

As delightful as that is, it’s meant that our efforts in the garden have been terribly hampered. We have some dreadful concrete posts in the garden. Needless to say, we really don’t want to keep them there but we do want to replace them with some colourful and fragrant hedging. The only problem is getting the horrible concrete things out!


We’ve managed to do away with almost four so far, but there are at least eight to go. And that isn’t counting the posts in the front garden!

The problem is that our back garden is just mud and paving stones at the minute so we can’t sit out and enjoy the sunshine. The back garden, you see, has simply been used as an allotment. Neither of us want that, but it is rather lovely to have such a blank canvas to work with as far as creating our own retreat is concerned.

IMG_20170614_144140_232 IMG_20170613_234048_497

The garden is our main concern, at the moment. Most of the house is pretty okay in the decor etc department. We’ll get to that when we can get to it. The main thing is to create an area we can enjoy outside – especially when we have such friendly neighbours to talk to.

Even Barley gave in yesterday and had a little explore outside the back door for a little bit. They’ve both met next door’s cat, TC, who is as black as Salem but with a rather more prominent walk.


Suffice to say, we’ve been incredibly busy. But, as the picture at the top of this entry says, it could be worse.

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