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If you haven’t seen my teaser trailer for Calling The Wolf, yet, then here it is:

Of course, this isn’t the full trailer. But you can see that below. The teaser trailer is simply a shortened version of this.

Please share with your reading friends! And if they enjoy the teaser trailer then they might enjoy the book!

Of course, creating book trailers isn’t the only thing that I’ve been doing lately.

Last week, I ended up with my first ever blown tyre. On my way to work, which involves narrow country roads, somebody forced me into the grass verge. They didn’t pull into the passing place lay by like they should have done and I had no choice but to end up in the grass.

There was a huge bang and my tyre burst so I had to stop. Thankfully, there was actually phone signal where I pulled over, which meant I could get hold of Mr Bear and work. Bear set off to help me and so did the farmer from work. I ended up with two rescuers to help me change my tyre. Of course, I was late for my shift, but there was nothing I could do about that.

Work selfie

Annoyingly, it was my two back tyres that were an advisory from my MOT, not the front. The front two were relatively new! So I ended up having to buy three new tyres on my day off.

My last day off, however, was spent nicely with Mr Bear. We visited York and had a wander around. Then we headed to a garden centre, excited about the prospect of our new house and its lovely big gardens. We may have gotten a little too excited, though, and bought rather a lot of plants.

Of course, the weather changed suddenly in the middle of our perusal of the plants. The heavens opened and we were drenched in a deluge of water. Then a second deluge hit just as we were loading up the car. So, as you can imagine, the journey home was a rather uncomfortable one.

Hopefully, our move will be very soon and we’ll be able to transport all of our lovely new plants into a pretty new garden. This week should provide us with a better clue for when our moving date will be! Fingers crossed we find out a bit more from the solicitors as we progress this week.

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