…pation is a killer right now.

I realise that it’s been a couple of weeks since I last checked in with you all. I’m terribly sorry for that, but I’ve also been terribly busy. And I still am, most unfortunately.

But let me explain…

Over the last couple of weeks work has been hectic plus there’s been the Easter holidays, which only serves to exacerbate things more. We need at least one more full time member of staff, a fact that makes me feel quite guilty about leaving in the next month or so.

That’s right. We’re guessing that we’ll be moving at some point in the next month. Contracts haven’t been exchanged for our new house yet and we haven’t got a date for doing so, but our solicitor seems confident of the time frame. So much so that we’ve put in the notice on our flat.

Our letting agents are pretty good, though, so we don’t have to be out by the time our notice is up. We’ll just pay a rolling fee until we go, instead. That takes a little bit of the pressure off.

However, with the neighbours playing ridiculously loud music as I type this, I’m all for the moving date being as soon as possible. These guys haven’t been living here all that long, but they’re already making a nuisance of themselves with parties and stupidly loud music.

Mr Barley is not impressed
Mr Barley is not impressed…

Just to give you an idea of how loud they are, we’re on the bottom floor. They are two floors above our next door neighbour. I’m pretty sure that qualifies in the ‘we shouldn’t be able to hear you’ category. But we can. And, in fact, even with his noise cancelling headphones on in the room furthest away from their flat, Howard Bear can hear them clearly.

I say that I’m not a very nice person a lot, but, in reality, I’m not. However, I still hope they get evicted for their insensitivity towards others.

It would be the cherry on top of our move.

Other reasons why I may seem to have abandoned you all are that this is the time of year when everything needs renewing. There are MOTs and contact lens check ups and prescriptions galore. And I just don’t seem to have the time to fit everything in!

Not to mention the migraine that’s desperately trying to break through my beta blockers. As you may or may not know, my doctor gave me the tablets to help combat the severe hemiplegic migraines that I suffer.

Recently, constant stressing about situations and dealing with certain individuals has been causing my blood pressure to rise quite a bit. I’m not afraid to say that I get quite anxious about things and I have a tendency to over analyse. It’s just something that I can’t help.

The point is, the rise in blood pressure means that I can pinpoint the moment that my beta blockers start to wear off. I start getting the usual symptoms that I experience with migraines. Another tablet helps stave them off, but that’s all it’s doing, keeping it at bay. I’m worried that it’ll catch me before I have chance to de-stress and displace it for good.

As you can imagine, that means listening to crappy, extra loud music doesn’t really help my situation at all.


However, dotted in amongst the deluge of stress, we’ve been watching Season 11 of Supernatural. In fact, we’ve finished it. That’s not as exciting as it sounds, though, because it means we’re in the limbo of waiting until we can watch the current season from the beginning. So my relaxation of watching Cas, Crowley, and the boys is sadly no more – for the time being.

I’m also not sure on the ending for S11. It wasn’t as spectacular as I’d hoped. S10 was better, but I’m not about to ditch the programme or my fandom for the foreseeable. Fingers crossed I get to see what happens to Sammy, Dean, and my favourite angel soon, though. And, of course, how the fickle witch and the King of Hell interlock into the latest plot.


Of course, I have a supernatural adventure of my own ready for release on the 24th. Don’t forget to watch out for Calling The Wolf and the posts preceding its release!

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