How Long Is A Piece Of String?

How long does it take to buy a house?

Well, we passed the first stage (having an offer accepted) and now we’ve passed the second (the seller has bought another house). So we’re now sorting out all of the financial/legal things.

That includes the survey and will culminate in swapping contracts. Then we can set a moving date and organise everything else in our lives to fit around that. It’s beginning to seem a bit daunting, but we’re still on the happy cloud of imagining decorating our first real home.

Hopefully, it will also be our last real home. The property is fantastic and we chose it with the idea that it’ll be a future family home.

Mother has also had an offer put in on her house, which is great. The only problem is that it’s only an offer of interest until the buyers sell their own house. That’s disappointing, but it’s a start. Plus, these days, most house sales seem to involve long chains.

A picture from work - such a beautiful place to be!
A picture from work – such a beautiful place to be!

We’ve been lucky in that the gentleman selling our house is buying somewhere that has no onward chain. That should cut down our wait time drastically. Well, that’s what we hope, anyway!

I thought that saving up for a house was going to be the most frustrating part, but it turns out that waiting for everything to be finalised is.

So wish us luck!


Plotting away!
Plotting away!


On the writing front, however, things are going pretty well. I’ve completely plotted out the next book’s story arc. Though, I still haven’t figured out a name for it. I’m sure I will, sooner or later. If not, I bet my lovely readers can help!

Plus, Calling The Wolf is coming out in April. And don’t forget that you can be involved in the release!

Not to mention, if you’re up in Scotland the fantastic guys at Ayrshire College are throwing a Comic Con. All of their profits will go to the South Ayrshire Food Bank. Not to mention, you can win yourself some of my books! You’ll also be able to grab a copy of Gayla Drummond‘s books, too!

So get yourself over there and support the cause.


I did have a night out recently, too, which I’m sure you can tell from my photos. It’s probably the last night out I’ll have for a while. That’s because we have plenty of decorating and gardening to save up for. Plus, Mr Bear keeps mentioning a furry addition to our family once we’re settled.

I really can’t wait!

And so, until next time…

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