New House Buyers: The Trials & Tribulations

That’s right, we’re almost officially house buyers. A week ago today, we put in an offer for one of the houses we had looked at. The great news? The offer was accepted immediately!

Of course, there are contracts and such to sign before anything is official. We also have to wait for the current owners to find and secure a new property of their own. It’s the first time we’ve ever been house buyers. We’re both pretty excited – and daunted – all at the same time!

Although we’ve lived together for nigh on four years, now, this will be our first experience as actual house buyers. Previously, we’ve just been renting. And we’re sick of being where we currently are.

Unfortunately, it does mean that I will have to search for a new job once we have a moving date. I guess that’s a small price to pay to secure the house of our dreams. And it really is a very lovely house. Mr Bear and I are utterly excited! There’s so much potential. Plus it will be our first proper home. Hopefully, it will also be a very long term home, too.

I will miss the birds outside my window, though...
I will miss the birds outside my window, though…

It certainly looks like it could be!

Plus, we won’t have upstairs neighbours playing awful music too loud and too late at night. So loud, in fact, that we can hear it more than our own TV. Nor will we have anybody smoking right outside or above our front door. The smell costs an awful lot in Febreze!

Everything has been pretty simple so far in the house buyers’ world. But, we know it can get complicated very quickly. Not to mention that the lack of a solid moving date makes for sadly incomplete planning.

We’re not the only ones moving about, though. My brother and his girlfriend have also started renting their first property. They moved last Friday, which leaves my parents with yet another empty room in their house. Of course, my parents have their house up on the market and are looking for potential house buyers of their own.

Howard Bear contemplating our new purchase.
Howard Bear contemplating our new purchase.

They’re also hoping to become house buyers as soon as they’ve discovered somebody to buy their current property. This will be a sale bundled into my mum’s inability to walk very well. She’s waiting for a second appointment with dermatology, at the moment, in order to see which knee replacements she can have. I just hope luck is on her side and that they find a buyer before her surgery goes ahead.

Howard Bear’s father is also looking for new rental accommodation. His search hasn’t proved very fruitful, however, Not to mention, his landlady has a date that she wants him out by so she can live in the house herself.

So everybody is moving!

There are so many things I’m looking forward to with this move. We’ll have a garden. And by garden I mean more like my own personal park. It has both a front and a back garden. And they are both several times bigger than the house. Essentially, we aren’t house buyers. We are garden buyers. We’re getting a huge pair of gardens with a small dwelling attached.

Except, the house isn’t all that small.

In fact, it should be perfect for us to be able to grow our family. It has more than enough space for both of us to have private spaces of our own, too, which means a writing room!

Speaking of which, I hope you all caught last week’s exciting post in regards to the release of Calling The Wolf. So, please excuse me if I keep bleating on about it. Because I will.

Come on, get involved!

The first editing pass on Calling The Wolf is now complete and the second won’t take too long at all. Once that’s complete, I can pop it up for preorder!

The first book in the Indigo Skies series!
The first book in the Indigo Skies series!

But, because I’m lovely, you can grab Preying On Time, the first in the series, for absolutely NOTHING! That’s right, it’s a special offer!

But that’s only until Calling The Wolf is released. After that it goes back to its normal price. Amazon is the only place the book won’t be free.

So tell your friends to grab a copy on the cheap whilst they can. Who knows, maybe they’ll fall in love with the series, too!

I’m already plotting out the untitled fifth book in the series and I have plans for the sixth. There are a couple of other side projects I’d like to complete, too, but becoming house buyers might drastically shorten my writing time.

As always, I’ll keep you all up to date, though. So keep checking back here for my latest news!

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