Book Blogger, Lend Me Your Ears!

Book blogger call

If you’re a book blogger or bookstagrammer or an author or litfiend, I’m looking for you.

Not in the way Liam Neeson might be. This is much less scary. Or is it…?

No. It is.

I’m looking for some lovely people to help me set up a blog tour. After all, it’s nearly time to release Calling The Wolf, the fourth book in the Indigo Skies series, and I’d rather like to make it as exciting as possible.

The blog tour should start from at least the 10th April to the 30th April. That means it lasts until after the release! It also means that there are plenty of spaces available.

So here’s what I’d like to do:

  • Do interviews, guest post, or guest judge
  • Offer ebook copies of the previous Indigo Skies books for a book blogger, reviewer, or bookstagrammer etc to review on your websites (that’s Preying On Time, Baying For Blood, and Lightning & Power)
  • Competitions on your blogs – I have some signed paperback copies of the previous book in the series, Lightning & Power, to win! So that’s at least one for each blog post/bookstagrammer!
  • A few ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of Calling The Wolf will also be available in return for reviews!

If you’d like to be a part of this then please send me a message through twitter, facebook, instagram, or email. I’ll get back to you asap. In the event that I don’t respond, the likelihood is that you’ve been unintentionally tangled in my spam filter. In this case, please simply message me through a different slice of media.

A bookstagram of Preying On Time by the lovely @ayreadbooks
A bookstagram of Preying On Time by the lovely @ayreadbooks

It’s also amazing to me whenever I get to see beautiful copies of my books posted on instagram by a book blogger like @ayreadbooks, too!

So, if you are a book blogger please get in touch.

Calling The Wolf is the fourth book in the Indigo Skies series and takes part shortly after the beginning of Lightning & Power with Logan undertaking some investigative notions of his own.

Calling The Wolf Cover Reveal

Calling The Wolf

While his sister’s away, the wolf will play… until the claws come out.

Half-werewolf Logan is helping his sister with an investigation, but it’s just a distraction from sexy shifter Jenna & her refusal to commit to their relationship. Surely she’ll change her mind if he catches those responsible for abducting her nekojin brethren?

Except, Jenna doesn’t trust him to crack the case by himself.

Dauntless, Logan figures solving the crime & saving the day will win her love & respect, but he has no idea why these monsters are taking the shifter women or exactly how deep into the dark moonlighting as a detective will drag him…

Will this teeth clenching case finally show them all what he’s made of? Or will the werewolves responsible tear him apart?

Logan’s dying to find out…

The official cover reveal is over on this lovely post where you can also find out a little bit more about other books in the series. So please share this with your book blogger friends and let me know if you’d like to schedule a slot in the book tour!

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