Blood, Gifts, & Striking

Where to start, this week?

I can’t say that anything truly exciting has happened recently. Apart from a blood test this morning, though I would hardly call that exciting. The nurse was very nice, however. I’m glad it was her that I saw because she was very pleasant and made me feel more at ease.

Of course, I don’t know how truly at ease anyone can be when they’re having blood taken. Especially for the first time.

The point is, I didn’t feel as panicked or as nervous as I could have done whilst she did her job. So, I’m very thankful.

Little less thankful of the fact that I apparently have rubbish veins, but swings and roundabouts.

Unfortunately, the surgery won’t get my test results back until after Christmas. That means, I’ll be waiting until then to find out whether I really do have superpowers or if it’s as feared. My plan is not to think about it. I don’t want to work myself up.

Instead, I’m going to enjoy Christmas.


I’ve been enjoying the new job this year by buying plenty of presents for the people that I care about. So a lot of wrapping has been recently underway. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Santa’s elves had visited. I have presents all over the place!

As we move into the last few weeks before the big day, too, I have very little left to buy. And very few things left to wrap! If only I could say the same for Howard Bear who has, yet again, left it until the last minute.

Maybe that wouldn’t matter so much, except both The Royal Mail and Argos are planning strikes in the next two weeks. Oh dear…

Anyway, let me know what you guys are planning for Christmas Day/the holidays & any interesting presents you’ve decided to buy!

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