Lightning & Power Book Trailer & Little Change

As you may have guessed from reading the title, I created a new book trailer recently! It’s a short, exciting video that explains a little bit more about what goes on in Lightning & Power.

It always takes me a long time to create a new book trailer, but, having said that, I did find time to work on the sequel, too. As you all know, it’s been a little bit stressful over here lately. However, I find that writing always helps me relax.

The only problem with that is getting into the right mindset to actually start typing in the first place.

Watch the full #booktrailer here: 

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And I think creating the book trailer helped a lot with that. Above is only a very short preview of the full trailer that I quickly created for Instagram, which only allows videos of about fifteen seconds. I would love, however, if you liked and/or shared the video to your friends.

Perhaps they’d really love the Indigo Skies series. Or maybe they’d like one of my other books. Or you could even grab one as a Christmas gift for someone!

If not, then maybe the full trailer will change your mind:

Of course, Violet doesn’t feature as prominently as her brother does in my third instalment of the series. This case runs parallel to Lightning & Power whilst Logan takes the reigns.

I’m considering creating a teaser trailer or two for the next book, Calling The Wolf, but until then you can always catch a few WIPlines on my social media to wet your whistle…

A short clip of unedited words from Calling The Wolf...
A short clip of unedited words from Calling The Wolf…

And on that note… ciao!

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