0% Writing, 100% Stress

Above, you can see the least stressful drink in the world. It was made by a colleague at work – thanks Emily! She knew that I was feeling a little anxious about certain current events and was trying to help cheer me up.

And for once, we’re not talking about President-Elect Trump!

If this next book ends up a little delayed in its hoped for release schedule, I do apologise, but I do have good reasons. I promise. The biggest of these reasons is that my mother’s physical health has deteriorated.

Mother’s aren’t supposed to get ill. Stress. They’re just supposed to be there when you’re ill. Stress. This isn’t how it should be.

My mum is off ill from work. She’s been having a lot of pain in her knees recently and it finally got too much. So, she’s been to the doctor, who suggested it was arthritis. They took a couple of x-rays to determine the specific problem. After that, the doctor sent her on to physiotherapy whilst they awaited results.

Little Pudding

When they came back, it wasn’t good news. There’s no gap between her patella or thigh bone any more. That means bone is scraping on bone. That explains the grinding noise she can hear. And the depth of pain she’s experiencing. They told her that this had been happening over a period of at least two decades…

She’s been signed off work and is utterly drowning in stress. Financially, physically, and emotionally.

Of course, that stress has passed onto me. As you might know, I have particularly painful knee joints myself. So I’ve booked myself a doctors appointment, too. Better to be safe than sorry.

I can only hope things for my mum will get better.

On a separate note, it was an amazing friend’s birthday the other day. In fact, it was her 21st! So we all went out for dinner.

img_20161110_220326 img_20161111_012018

Which, of course, was a welcome night away from the incredible stress.

Look at his cute little concentrating face.
Look at his cute little concentrating face.

And I also had dinner cooked for me by Mr Bear. He doesn’t really cook, so this was truly lovely. Even if it was only enchiladas. But everyone has to start somewhere. Right?

Anyway, until next time!

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