Instagram Book Reviewers & Treats For Granny!

Yesterday I got to see a beautiful image of one of my books from an instagram book reviewer (@ayreadbooks). The book is Breaking Cadence, which regular readers will know is the first book in the Survival Trilogy.

It’s such a beautiful image and I can’t wait to see any image she produces for Preying On Time when she gets around to reading that. Of course, Preying On Time is an entirely different series. But it’s just as good as Breaking Cadence.

And, although there are already three books out, the Indigo Skies series is not yet complete. In fact, I have no set plan as to where or when Violet, Simon, and Logan’s adventures will end.

And, of course, with @ayreadbooks being an instagram book reviewer, I can’t wait to see her reviews of both!

You can find lots of amazing instagram book reviewers and I follow quite a few of them. So if you really enjoy fantastic aesthetic book photos as well as sterling reviews, you should check out my follow list on there.

In other news, it was Bear‘s grandma’s birthday yesterday making her eighty years young (though we didn’t mention the specific number in front of her).

Bear's grandma

As a special treat, we took Hilda up to the restaurant/tea rooms where I work. The guys there looked after us fantastically. And the chefs even made us a beautiful cake with a delicious chocolate rose on top!

Of course, it also meant that I had the opportunity to take plenty of photos so that Hilda could have some lovely memories of the event. As well as pictures of her grandsons together for a change! Not that either of them were particularly enamoured by this idea.


Still, we had a really lovely time and, most importantly, Hilda seemed to enjoy her day. Hopefully, we’ll get to see both her and her husband plenty over Christmas.

My hours are going to go down at work until we’re closed for the January/February months. That should mean that I get plenty of writing time, too, ready to make more novels for an instagram book reviewer or two to get their hands on!

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