A Round Up & The Future

I know I haven’t made a blogpost in quite a while, but I was hoping that my new website would be up and running before now. Unfortunately, it’s not. However, it will be ready in time for the release of Lightning & Power, the third instalment of the Indigo Skies series.

And I’m hoping that the release will be early to mid September, depending on how long it takes for cover creation and other bits and pieces of the release process to be completed.

Until then, you can obviously keep up with everything on my social media such as instagram, twitter, and facebook.
And, in case you didn’t see it, I posted a youtube video last month about how progress was going on the book:

I’d also like to take the time to pay homage to JC Montgomery, a Katarr Kanticles Press author who sadly recently passed away.

She was a lovely woman who deserved far longer time than she got.
Anyway, keep on checking up on my social media & here for the switchover to the new site, which will eventually be live at http://rebeccaclaresmith.co.uk!

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