More Death & Impromptu Burger Dates

It’s been another one of those weeks with another couple of celebrity deaths. We seem to have a lost a lot already this year. A few of the best, too.

Alan Rickman, Victoria Wood, Ronnie Corbett, Bowie, Paul Daniels, Prince, Terry Wogan…

And the list keeps growing. They all seem to be strangely clumped together and, sadly, a lot of these seem to be due to cancer.

It almost makes you wonder who will be next.

Rest in peace.

Anyway, to happier subjects…

Howard and I had an impromptu date night on Thursday that involved an awesome burger at a great (but small) restaurant. We didn’t book so we were exceedingly lucky to get a table at all. The couple that came in after us were not so lucky and apparently not so polite either.

It was quite funny seeing the look on my other half’s face when he saw how rude the customers in question were. Having experienced similar behaviour from people whilst waiting tables, I can’t say I was surprised, sadly, when the customers were less than nice about the wait time for a table and their loud and obnoxious comments about table bookings.

It seems that some people think they are entitled to certain things, no matter what.

If Bear and I had been the couple unfortunate enough to have come in after us and asked for a table that we hadn’t booked, I know we would have been disappointed, but we would also have been pretty gracious and understanding in regards to the employees. Some people seem to forget that wait staff such as these are people too and still deserve their manners and politeness as much as the customers’ deserve theirs.

Anyway, we still had a lovely dinner and even managed to squeeze in a dessert before the next booking arrived for our table. As ever, the staff were lovely and we were pretty glad we chose to pop up to the restaurant on the off chance.

We went for some good food & drinks together tonight, but here’s my Bear realising that I was filming him

A video posted by Rebecca Clare Smith (@rebeccaclaresmith) on

We even went to a bar a few doors down and had a couple of drinks together – something we haven’t done as a couple in a while.

It was really good fun and one of those things that I’m so glad that we’ll get to do more often now. Sadly, somebody is ill at work so I didn’t get my Sunday off this week to spend with him, but at least we got the other night together. I also had to rearrange seeing my mother to celebrate her new job (and collect the orange tree she’s bought me).

And just in case you were wondering, there has been writing achieved this week. In fact, we’re now over the 20k words mark, which is awesome and means that a third of the book is complete. Exciting, no?

It also means that I’m on track for where I wanted to be with the novel. Sadly, I’m not so on track with the second one, but the first release has to be considered more important.

So wish me luck!

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